‘White Guilt’ and its Implementation

Jews are a ‘Diaspora’ people exiled from the land they claim was their own. Therefore, they are NOT a Western White tribe but a wandering Semitic interloper. Now White Western History is replete with Jewish ‘evictions’. That is at various points completely non-related Sovereign White Countries have removed Jewish peoples out of their lands. The key is that these ‘evictions’ were applied by non-related white peoples and at random periods throughout Europe’s History. It is far more suggestive that the White gentile populations simply got fed up with Jewish treachery than the well known Jewish cry of ‘victim’.

This is not to say that the White race themselves are entirely peaceful. Indeed European History sets the standard for inter-racial conflict. From the earliest times Europe has been marked with wars from differing White Germanic tribes. Eventually this lead to the formation of sovereign nations-Britain Germany France and Russia to name a few. Of course this never stopped the tendency to make war and some of the bloodiest were between kin for example Crecy, Poitiers, Agincourt and The Spanish Armada. These were decisive English victories and Nationalist history does not cast aspersions but perhaps a thought should be spared for the greatest profiteer from the ‘Victory at Waterloo’. A British victory against Napoleonic France. That is what ‘history’ records, but the cunning Rothschild family was playing both sides and what had really happened was that ‘Rothschild had bought control of the British economy’.

The First and Second World Wars or ‘Brothers Wars’ were also notorious profit making enterprises for Jewish entrepreneurs. So while approximately 90 million of our people died across 2 world wars the Hebrew happily toddles off to the bank. So it seems the Jewish community are most happy to watch the White man destroy himself as long as it makes a profit. Now in the past it seems that the White man retaliated, the expulsions from various European lands. So if Jewish Zionism is bad as history suggests… something in White Europe has changed.

Regardless of any religious or political motivations the ‘Troubles’ in Ireland still involve brother fighting brother. Meanwhile, as their backs are turned and focus is attuned on Ireland more good strong White ‘cattle’ are farmed out as cannon fodder in Zionist Wars for Israel. However, no Gentile dares voice an opinion in reference to the atrocities committed by that land the consequences are much to grave. The State of Israel is the Land of the eternal victim and collective guilt is the price White man must pay. So what worth is a Jewish life compared to that of a Gentile? The combined death toll across Europe in WWII was 55million. We are told that 6millon of those are Jewish from the German camps. One does not see any Jewish directed name calling or hand ringing for the other 49million Gentile deaths. Incidentally does this number include 1.7million of our German brothers (POW’s) that the “terrible Swedish Jew” Eisenhower murderedThere is no need to read the Talmud to see that the Zionist Jew regards Gentile life as disposable. If White man is capable of uniting in misplaced collective guilt then it is about time that we unite as a people to face the real enemy-ZIONISM.

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