A Basic Understanding of Zionism

Zionism markets itself as Jewish ‘Nationalism’. This is a perversion for Zionism is a parasite that pollutes and destroys.  At the most fundamental level Zionist ideology must be understood as a community operating within another community for the good of the ‘guest’ nation not the host nation. Zionism has infected Europe for over 2,000 years though during the last 60 years it has been draining host country’s National wealth and funneling it into Israel. Without continual ‘support’ from external Nations Israel would not survive.

It was during the 19th century that Karl Marx developed Zionism’s most dangerous tool of deception-Communism. With considerable contribution from Moses Hess known as the philosophical father of Zionism Marx produced material that worked on 2 levels. On the face of it Das Capital promises the ‘worker’ a utopian equality through Communism. However, on a deeper level what he is offering is reduction to the lowest common denominator because only then can a mass be the same. Of course this comes at a price since true ‘equality’ does not exist in nature. Thus it was necessary for Communism to formulate mechanisms to enforce ‘equality’. For the Nationalist modern ‘multicult’ policy alive in Europe should provide some insight into the inner workings.

Traditionally, or more correctly idealistically, a Nation is organically grown from the families and communities indigenous to a particular land. The Nation state would be produced from these indigenous peoples and work for them. In modern Europe, however, our indigenous Nations, be that Britain, Germany, France etc have been colonised by innumerate foreign peoples. Even though these people no longer live in their own lands they remain a part of their own nations. We see this particularly at election times when the same face parties try to attract block votes from Muslims, Somali, and African voters. It is clear that these ‘newcomers’ have a solid community identity. They know what their community requires and use the community’s weight to achieve it. In a new land this all comes at the expense of the host community. Here we have a perfect example of the divide and conquer strategy used by Zionism. This is on a grand scale but history shows that the Zionist concept has been in use for centuries.

“The [Jewish] diaspora is commonly accepted to have begun with the 6th century BC conquest of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, destruction of the First Temple (c. 586 BC), and expulsion of the population…” Wikipedia

So the Jews are and have been a scattered people for a long time! To remain an identifiable people would suggest that they have learned to survive among ‘other’ nations without fully adapting to host cultures. This would mean that the ideology developed would have to be one of stealth and cunning. If one was working against the host one would not want to be found out. It may also be necessary to be some what unassuming, blend in. It is only once the underdog has gained a position of power that they can begin to show their true colours.

Though the term Zionism was actually coined by Nathan Birnbaum in 1890, it was Moses Hess who laid the foundation of what is considered as the philosophical base of Zionism with the book Rome and Jerusalem Published in 1862. However, it is clear that the parasitic communities have been by Zionist ideology for centuries prior to Birnbaum’s use of the term. In fact, while not wholly portrayed in the mainstream, it was William of Orange who gave Zionist Jews permission to set up their Bank of England. It was not until the late 1800’s that gentile’s become aware of Zionism. Perhaps now more confident of their power, this ideology is now less concerned of showing their true colours.

Stemming from Zionism Karl Marx, a student of Hess created Communism. His sole intention in producing this ideology was to dupe the masses. In essence Marx created the template for eternal upheaval. Again this can be seen in the original mass Jewish Bolshevik (Communist) revolution. The fundamental idea is to set each group against one another-the worker against employer, rich against poor, man against woman.

Following the initial success of the Bolshevik revolution the plan was to spread Marx’ Communism across Europe. The master plan was to dismantle and replace European culture with hollow, meaningless filth. Naturally the ideology behind this was Zionist as was the parasitic community that was to inherit power. However, Europe did not take to Communism as easily as Mother Russia so a different strategy had to be formed.

Generally speaking it was back to the academy. The Frankfurt School and its close associates the Fabian Socialists needed to redefine ‘Communism’ for a different audience. The politico-economic message of Marxism did not work in Europe so it was necessary to drive the divide and conquer method via European conduct. Thus Cultural Marxism was born and its allies political correctness and anti-Christianity. It is because of these dogmas that the divisive groups such as feminism and anti-Racism develop. The less cohesive White European society the more easily it is to corrupt and consequently control.

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16 responses to “A Basic Understanding of Zionism”

  1. Rita the Codge says :

    I think this is a wonderfully informative, accurate site. I encourage you to spread your wisdom far and wide, in the same way that the Zionists have spread their evil propaganda. I especially liked the inclusion of feminism as a form of “cultural marxism.” Brilliant!

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says :

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  3. Robert Roberts says :

    My understanding of Zionism has been like piecing a jigsaw together. Vague and sketchy at first, but gradually developing. I still have much to learn ( and l confess to being slow at this ) but l thank Almighty God for this site which is helping me piece together the remaining fragments of this mysterious puzzle.

  4. David says :

    We should start by changing our names to Jewish ones and buying Kosher food

  5. Jeremy Case says :

    Jews are NOT Israelites. Jews are NOT Hebrew. Both facts are admitted to in the JEWISH Almanac. Jews are NOT of the tribe of Judah. Jews PRETEND that they are of Judah or, alternatively, that they are of some tribe of Israel. The truth is, jews are descendants of Cain. THEE Cain who murdered his half-brother Abel. Yes, THEY KNOW THIS. THEY ADMIT THIS.
    So, claiming the jewish “diaspora” began with the conquest of Jerusalem is FALSE.
    Although Jews have been with us since the beginning, literally, they were not known as jews in the beginning – they were known as Canaanites or Kenites. They word “jew” when initially coined referred to those living in Judea. A king of Judah conquered Idumea (Edomites) around 150 BC. The King did a VERY STUPID thing and allowed those Edomites to assimilate into Judean society. In typical JEW fashion, they took over religiously and politically, assassinated or otherwise disposed of the rightful heirs to the throne, and took over. Herod was an Edomite JEW. the FACT that “Edom is in modern Jewry” is acknowledged by jews.
    The JEWISH diaspora began in 70 AD when Rome sacked Jerusalem because of the jews (not because of the few remaining ISraelites there).
    The Israelite dispersion actually dates to the 700s B.C. when Assyria captured all of Palestine except for Jerusalem and relocated them to the north. In time, the Israelites became very great in number and then MIGRATED INTO EUROPE. The WHITE EUROPEANS and their relatives in North American and the land down under are the true Israelites.
    NOW< you should understand why jews hate white people so much

  6. Alf Holst says :

    I am a Swedish citizen, living in the Philippines for the last 50 years and have read your statement and I am in principal in agreement with you that the problem we face today is the Jew. I have held this belief for more than 70 years. REGARDS ALF88

  7. Robert Beals says :

    an eye opener.

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