AZL appeal for Scott Roberts

All those informed to our course will be very familiar with Scott Roberts. He has never been afraid to show his face and speaks a clear and concise message as the following videos contest.

Consequently, for as long as we have been aware of his online presence, which we believe extends back to at least 2007, Scott has been under attack. Indeed while Scott’s sites are still frequently removed and have always been short on followers, set ups and black propaganda sites emerge almost overnight with a ready made following only confirming Jewish machinations. However, Scott has never given up, seeing it as his duty to put the message out. Therefor, with all other roots exhausted the Jew attacks financially sending in the Sheriff in an attempt to claim his home thus placing him under sanction. An honest man to the point of naivety, Scott has never asked for money even refusing when offered. Yet the circumstances are dire and as exponents of the course we have a duty to help. As such this site feels obliged to echo Scott’s muted but desperate appeal and encourage other groups to do the same. In fact at this point Scott is so high in this sites estimation that we believe it would be a testament to ones authenticity to aid him in his hour of need.

We believe Scott is only able to accept Bitcoin (BTC) donations as seen at the end of this appeal. However, if there are any problems Scott can be found here were he regularly posts videos.

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