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Capitalism & Communism

AZL flag holder TransparentCapitalismCapitalism and Marxism/Communism are two sides of the same coin with capitalist banking systems funding the exploits of global communism. Capitalism (democracy) and Communism (Marxism) are merely products of the Jewish mind manufactured to control slave Nations. Therefore, given the ‘divine right to rule’ both are ideologically lower than Judaism in the paradigm of the Jewish Zionist. The nature of the game for the Zionist Capitalist is to withhold a land’s wealth from its people. Henceforth the Zionist Capitalist gets immensely rich while the nations conquered suffer crippling dept. Consequently capitalism is basically state sponsored usury and any revolutionary response from the slave nations are corralled into Jewish Marxist (Communist) state funded trade unions whose organizers are earmarked to become the leaders of the new Jewish Zionist regime. Thus Jewish Zionism controls both rich and poor. This vicious circle is a representation of the Jewish Marxist one party state.


AZL flag holder TransparentThe Marxist MurderersEarly in the 19th century Jewish Zionists Karl Marx and Moses Hess developed a formula for white man’s demise. An alien ideology first articulated by Karl Marx in 1848 in the Communist Manifesto and expanded in 1867 in Das Kapital Communism (Marxism) synonymous with Bolshevism was designed to destroy the aryan or ethnic European (white) race. Following the Jewish Bolshevik seizure Lenin %22A lie told often enough becomes truth.%22of Russia in 1917 the murderous Jewish Bolshevik dictator Lenin implemented Communism and set in motion a regime that would torture, rape and murder in excess of 66 million ethnic Europeans, the Holodomor Genocides alone taking 16.5 million. Since then Jewish Zionists have used the weapon of communism in various incarnations-cultural Marxism and in its current form Political Correctness-to bring the European peoples to their knees. Communism proposes an unnatural equality as an excuse for the mass importation of coloured races into Europe and the promotion of miscegenation (race mixing: White Genocide) and its destructive results can be seen all across Europe.


“The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.” Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 143

“Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.” Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935

“The revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution” The Maccabean (New York), Nov. 1905, p, 250

“Jewry is the mother of Marxism.” Le Droit de Vivre, May 12, 1936

“Judaism is Marxism, communism” Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 64

“We Jews cannot be called upon to denounce Communism.” The American Hebrew (New York), February 3, 1939, p. 11 Pay particular attention to this claim. How many Christians were being slaughtered at that time?

“The picture which the Soviet Union presents today is one that should bring rejoicing to world Jewry.” The Youngstown Jewish Times, Sept. 18, 1936, page 51

“It would be absurd to deny the intensity of the Jewish participation in the Russian revolutionary movement.” Leon Dennen, in The Menorah Journal (New York) July-September 1932, p. 106

“That achievement – the Russian-Jewish revolution – destined to figure in history as the overshadowing result of World War, was largely the outcome of Jewish thinking, of Jewish discontent, of Jewish effort to reconstruct.” The American Hebrew, September 10, 192

“The Jewish elements provide the driving forces for communism” Dr. Oscar Levy, in George Pitt-Rivers, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution (Oxford, 1920), p. ix

“The Jews [have been] furnishing for the Bolsheviks the majority of their leaders” The Jewish World (London), April 16, 1919, p. 11


The Marxist Murderers

The Marxist MurderersJewish Marxist regimes around the Globe have been responsible for a greater number of deaths than any other political ideal or movement in the history of mankind, the death toll totals more than 94 million. In the USSR alone Jewish Bolsheviks murdered more than 20 million Europeans. Despite that fact the Western world still refuses to tell the truth.

This short video delivers the shocking truth.
“The Marxist Murderers” presents a truly unique insight into Jewish Marxist history.

Deception Was My Job

Yuri Bezmenov Deception Was My JobThis is G. Edward Griffin’s shocking video interview, Soviet Subversion of the Free-World Press (1984), where he interviews ex-KGB officer and Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov who decided to openly reveal KGB’s subversive tactics against western society as a whole.

Bezmenov explains how Jewish Marxist ideology is destabilizing the economy and purposefully pushing the U.S. into numerous crises so that a “Big Brother” tyranny can be put into place in Washington, how most Americans don’t even realize that they are under attack, and that normal parliamentary procedures will not alter the federal government’s direction.

He then explains how Marxist leaders use informers to make lists of anti-Communist and other politically incorrect people who they want to execute once they – actually a Jewish oligarchy – come to power. The oligarch’s secret lists include “civil rights” activists and idealistically-minded “useful idiot” leftists as well.

Bezmenov provides several real world examples of how Marxist leaders even execute and/or imprison each other. Also he explains how American embassy employees were known to betray Soviets attempting to defect, how there existed a “triangle of hate” in the Soviet government, why he realized that Marxism-Leninism was a murderous doctrine, and how the CIA ignored (or didn’t care) about Communist subversion.

He also mentions that revolutions throughout history are never the result of a majority movement, but of a small dedicated and highly-organized group who seize power, whether for good or bad. Next he explains how the American mass media spread lies about life in the Soviet Union.

Bezmenov also explains how the LOOK magazine article falsely claimed that the Russian people were proud of their victory in the Second World War, where in reality the Judeo-Bolshevik-Communist-Marxist government was happy that Hitler had been defeated so that they could remain in power.

Find out how the KGB utilized various individuals to undermine the Western society in its morals and values.

Ursula Kuczynski

Ursula Kuczynski (15th May 1907 – 7th July 2000), the sister of Jewish Bolshevik spy Jürgen Kuczynski and also known as Ruth Werner, Ursula Beurton and Ursula Hamburger, was a Jewish Communist and Bolshevik spy infamously known as the chief handler of Klaus Fuchs. Ursula Maria Kuczynski was born in Schoneberg, Prussia, German Empire, the second of the six children born to a Jewish family. Her elder brother was Jürgen Kuczynski also a Bolshevik spy a responsible for advance the Jewish invention of ‘War Crimes’ post WWII. In the year 1924, Ursula Kuczynski joined the Marxist Free Employees league (AfA-Bund), the Young Communists (KJVD) and Germany’s Red Aid (Rote Hilfe). By May 1926, the month of her nineteenth birthday, she had joined the Communist Party of Germany. In 1929 the married fellow Communist Party member Rudolf Hamburger and between August 1929 and June 1930 set up and headed the Marxist Workers’ Library (MAB) in Berlin. In 1930 Kuczynski and her husband relocated to Shanghai; remaining there until 1935 to operate a Bolshevik spy ring. Now holding the rank of colonel in the Soviet military, in 1937 Kuczynski was awarded the Order of the Red Banner by the Bolsheik authorities for her espionage work in China. Later between Autumn 1938 and December 1940 she was posted to Switzerland with her husband where as one of the so-called “red three”, together with Sándor Radó worked as specialist radio operator to code information and send to Moscow. Kuczynski was also involved in recruiting Communist agents to be infiltrated into Germany and in the Autumn of 1939 she set up preponderantly Communist Partisan groups to terrorise the German city of Danzig. She relocated from Switzerland to England in late 1940 close to the UK’s Atomic Research Centre at Harwell, and to Blenheim Palace, where a large part of the British Intelligence service had been relocated at the start of WWII. Here Kuczynski worked on infiltrating Communists into the US Intelligence Service (OSS) ensuring that a substantial number of the OSS agents parachuted in Germany would be reliable (Jewish) communists advancing the Jewish ideology. From 1943 she also worked as a courier for the Bolshevik “Atomic spies” specifically Klaus Fuchs thus hastening the development of the Soviet atomic bomb. Kuczynski was also able to pass to her Bolshevik employers information from her brother, her father, and other Jews in England. It was, indeed, her brother Jürgen Kuczynski, also a Jewish Bolshevik spy, who originally recruited Klaus Fuchs to spy for the Soviets at the end of 1942. Following WWII The Communist Party of Germany mergedwith the East German elements of the old German Social Democratic Party (SPD), to form the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED) On her arrival in East Berlin Beurton lost little time in resigning from the Bolshvik Armed Forces (GRU) and joining the SED re-emerging six years later with a new life as an author. Her autobiography appeared in East Germany under the title “Sonjas Rapport” (Sonya’s Report) and became a bestseller. In 1982, now under the pseudonym Ruth Werner, Kuczynski became a member of the East German affiliate of PEN International, a worldwide association of writers only confirming how contrived the democratic landscape is. Never more so with the collapse of the Berlin Wall to which Kuczynski addressed as her faith in Communism (Marxism) with a ‘human’ face; or more to the point Communism morphing into Cultural Marxism (Political Correctness).

Jurgen Kuczynski

Jürgen Kuczynski (17th September 1904, – 6th August 1997) was a Jewish Communist economist and Bolshevik spy. Born in Elberfeld (Wuppertal), Germany, Kuczynski was the eldest of the six children born into a Jewish family. Jürgen’s sister Ursula later became a Bolshevik spy working for the Soviet Union. As an adolescent Kuczynski met numerous subversive political activists, including the communist leader Rosa Luxemburg. He joined the Communist Party in 1930 and contributed to the party newspaper Die Rote Fahne from 1930-33. From 1933-1936 Kuczynski was involved in Communist subversive activity against the National Socialist Government of Germany. He also travelled to Moscow in 1935 finally emigrating to Britain in January 1936 on instructions received there. While in Britain Kuczynski wrote for the Labour Monthly a magazine of the Moscow-oriented British Communist Party, was in contact with the Communist Party of Germany now based in Paris and gained access to homosexual tool of the Jews Winston Churchill. Following the outbreak of WWII Kuczynski made contact with Klaus Fuchs introducing him to his sister, who at the time was working for the Soviets under the code name “Sonya”. Sonya became Fuchs’s commanding officer within the Soviet intelligence hierarchy and the information he passed to the Soviet military via Jürgen’s sister “Sonya”/Ursula is thought to have accelerated by several years the Soviets‘ development of atomic weaponry in their military arsenal. In mid-1944 Kuczynski was principally involved in choosing Communist to parachute into Germany for surveillance work for US intelligence and later that year was given the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the US Army. Thus at the end of WWII Kuczynski returned to Germany to use his token senior US rank to advance the Jewish invention of ‘War Crimes’.

Elisabeth Schumacher

Elisabeth Schumacher (nee Hohenemser; April 28, 1904 – December 22, 1942) was a Jewish spy and member of the Red Orchestra (also Red Chapel). Schumacher was born to a wealthy family of Jewish heritage in Darmstadt. Her father, Fritz Hohenemser, came from Jewish banking families in Frankfurt am Main. Schumacher joined the Red Orchestra not long after it was formed initially involved in Communist agitation and later printing seditious material against the National Socialist state. She was also intimately involved in spying for the Jewish Bolshevik Soviet Union passing information by wireless. By 1942 many members of the Red Orchestra had been arrested including Schumacher on 12th September at her flat. She was sentenced to death on 19th December for espionage and executed on 22nd December 1942.

Leopold Trepper

Leopold Trepper (February 23, 1904 – January 19, 1982) was a Jewish Communist spy responsible for the Red Orchestra, (also known as the Red Chapel) a Bolshevik espionage and spy network between the Soviet Union and Western Europe between 1933 and 1945. Trepper was born to a large Jewish family in Nowy Targ, Poland then part of Austria-Hungary. His father was a seed merchant, who died when Trepper was almost twelve. Trepper met Jewish communist Sarah Orachitzer in Lviv who became his mistress. In 1927 he was imprisoned for leading a strike later that same year Trepper joined the Zio-Marxist movement Hashomer Hatzair, members of whom helped Jewish terrorists, including Trepper, occupy Palestine. In 1929 after moving from Haifa to Tel Aviv, Trepper became a member of the central committee of the Palestine Communist Party organising the Eḥud or Unity faction, communist labour organisation within the General Organisation of Workers in Israel trade union body, most of whose members worked against the British forces in Palestine. Identified as an agitator and militant Communist he was arrest and subsequently organised a hunger strike in order to blackmail a release of Communist subversives. By 1932 Trepper was recruited by Moscow to set up the Red Orchestra, also known as the Red Chapel, a Bolshevik espionage and spy network that operated in cell formate in varies cities including Berlin, Paris and Brussels giving the impression of ‘independence’ but spying and sabotaging for the international Jewish agenda based in Soviet Russia. Members were the Jews Alexander Rado, and Elisabeth Schumacher. In the autumn of 1938, Trepper made contact with the Jewish businessman Leon Grossvogel in order that he set up a cover for the groups espionage network. Grossvogel spent most of 1939 travelling around seven major sea ports-Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Wilhelmshaven, Ostend and Boulogne-that were trading with the United Kingdom establishing branches of his espionage front with spies to run them. Trepper was arrested on 24th November 1942 but subsequently escaped German custody going underground to emerge with the Communist faction in France in August 1944. He initially returned to Poland becoming head of the Sociocultural Association of Jews but by 1974 had settled in Jerusalem dyeing the in 1982.

Alexander Rado

Alexander Radó (5th November 1899 – 20th August 1981), also Alex, Alexander Radolfi or Sándor Kálmán Reich, was a Jewish Bolshevik agent, head of the spy ring the Red Three and deeply involved the Red Orchestra; aka the Red Chapel. Radó was born into a Jewish family in Újpest, at the time an industrial suburb of Budapest. In December 1918 Radó joined the Hungarian Communist Party and following the Communist seizure of Hungary in March 1919 he joined a division of the Hungarian Red Army as a cartographer. Rado escaped to Austria after the fall of the Communist regime in Hungary broadcasting propaganda received from Bolshevik Russia by July 1920. In 1922 Radó moved to Germany taking part in the preparation for Comintern-planned large armed uprising in Germany in October, 1923 counteracted by the Nationalist resolve of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP in November of that same year. From 1935-1944 Rado was deeply involved with the Red Orchestra, also known as the Red Chapel, a Bolshevik espionage and spy network between the Soviet Union and Western Europe set up by the Jew Leopold Trepper. In 1971, he published his memoirs in Hungarian. They were translated into several languages though a first uncensored edition, based on the original manuscript, was only published in 2006, in Budapest. He died in Budapest in 1981.

Klaus Fuchs

Emil Julius Klaus Fuchs (29th December 1911 – 28th January 1988) was a Communist and Bolshevik spy working on Manhattan Project. Fuchs shared his father’s Communist views, joining the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) in 1932. He and his brother Gerhard were active speakers at Communist meetings, and actively attempted to disrupt and subvert National Socialist gatherings. A well-known KPD member Fuchs went into hiding following the 1933 Reichstag fire shortly after fleeing to the United Kingdom were he made contact with the Communist Jew Jurgen Kuczynski. Kuczynski had already organise the KPD in Britain and served as a spy for the Soviet Union it was through his sister Ursula that Fuchs began passing information to the Soviet Union once he became an assistant to the Jew Rudolf Peierls in 1941, working on “Tube Alloys” later to merge with the Manhattan Project. In 1943 Fuchs and Peierls moved to the Manhattan Project and by 1944 Fuchs was working with the Jew Hans Bethe. Fuchs was contacted by the Jew Harry Gold (codename: “Raymond”), an NKVD agent early that year who would become his main courier. in 1947, a conference was created to facilitate exchange of atomic secrets at the highest levels of governments of the United States, United Kingdom and Canada; Fuchs attended with Donald Maclean, another Bolshevik spy connected to the Cambridge ring, as British co-secretary. Prior to his interregation Fuchs may have been tipped off by Kim Philby of the Cambridge spy ring. Fuchs’s statements to British and American intelligence agencies were used to implicate the Jew Harry Gold, a key witness in the trials of Jewish spies David Greenglass and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in the United States. Fuchs was convicted on 1st March 1950 and sentenced to fourteen years. He was released in 1959, after serving just nine. While imprisoned Fuchs was friendly with Irish Republican Army prisoner Seamus Murphy with whom he played chess and helped escape. It was suggested by some that Fuchs had turned IRA leader Cathal Goulding into a Marxist. On his release Fuchs promptly emigrated to Communist East Germany were he continued his atomic research later receiving the Patriotic Order of Merit, the Order of Karl Marx and the National Prize of East Germany. A tutorial Fuchs gave to Qian Sanqiang and other Chinese physicists helped them to develop the first Chinese atomic bomb, the 596, which was tested five years later.