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AZL flag holder TransparentWe are the Anti Zionist League.

We are an Aryan organisation who foresees a better way of life for people of European descent globally. However, to achieve this aim it is necessary to address the root cause of our people’s problems. The key destructive element is JUDAISM. All that stems from this are tools and weapons of Jewish controllers used to manipulate, undermine and destroy our societies.

zionist-treeThe most beguiling tool in the Jewish arsenal is their cunning psychological and financial manipulation. The scourge of Europe and wider populations for centuries Judaism named it Zionism in the 19th century and concealed it behind a nationalistic pretence. Now Jewish Zionist banking systems rob our people and enslave us to debt, combined with a Jewish political front this is the first line of their control. The other most influential tool is Communism invented by the Jew Karl Marx under the supervision of the Jew Moses Hess the philosophical father of Zionism. Already implemented by Jewish Bolsheviks Lenin and Trotsky to racially cleanse Europe of Europeans-the death toll in the Holodomor genocides alone was 16.5 million, Communism remarketed as Cultural Marxism (political correctness) covers a wide spectrum. The focus is division from the importation of coloured colonisers and its corresponding Zionist media images of miscegenation (race mixing), to interracial disunity (Sectarianism) and sexual dysfunction (Feminism and Homosexuality).

This site is not for the faint of heart for the Jewish Zionist agenda is physically and psychologically destroying the European race. Nourished through social engineering in schools, universities and work place unions it is the political structure of Government in the Western world regardless of the terminology-Communism, Bolshevism, Cultural Marxism or Political correctness. Consequently the ballot box is Jewish slavery for the Aryan as his vote maintains the Zionist status quo. Our choices have been limited to the inescapable; confront for survival as a unified race or suffer genocide at the hands of our eternal tormentors who seek to destroy through displacement and miscegenation. This will inevitably lead to bloodshed. Thus this organization welcomes the religious and not so religious and those that seek to divide our race on any grounds including religion or class the divisive weapon of Marxist schism, are not welcome here.

Zionism and its Methods

Zionism markets itself as Jewish ‘Nationalism’. This is a perversion for Zionism is a parasite that pollutes and destroys.  At the most fundamental level Zionist ideology must be understood as a community operating within another community for the good of the ‘guest’ nation not the host nation. Zionism has infected Europe for over 2,000 years though during the last 60 years it has been draining host country’s National wealth and funnelling it into Israel. Without continual ‘support’ from external Nations Israel would not survive.
It was during the 19th century that Karl Marx developed Zionism’s most dangerous tool of deception-Communism. With considerable contribution from Moses Hess known as the philosophical father of Zionism Marx produced material that worked on 2 levels. On the face of it Das Capital promises the ‘worker’ a utopian equality through Communism. However, on a deeper level what he is offering is reduction to the lowest common denominator because only then can a mass be the same. Of course this comes at a price since true ‘equality’ does not exist in nature. Thus it was necessary for Communism to formulate mechanisms to enforce ‘equality’. Please click here for more reading.

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