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The Well Poisoners – ‘Coronavirus’

Mildly changing tack since the Black Death, which did actually wipe out more than half the Caucasoid population, using their Chinese proxy the well poisoners have induced panic with what easily could be a contrived pandemic. Prior to the pestilence that was later known as the ‘Black Death’ the Jewish merchants were the bankers and financiers (without competition) with papal and royal protection. Like the Black Death this ‘virus’ began in China which is now Communist. Most scholars agree that a Jewish community has occupied Kaifeng in the Henan province of China since the Northern Song Dynasty (960–1127), though some date their influx to the Tang Dynasty (618–907) or earlier; well over 300 years before the Black Death. During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred eight surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai, Shi, Gao, Gan, Jin, Li, Zhang, and Zhao. It was on a branch of the Silk Road that Jewish merchants descended on Kaifeng territory and from there had easy access to the network of trade routes which connected East and West and later along which the plague followed. Not until September 1348 did the first recorded ‘confession’ take place in the Castle of Chillon on Lake Geneva. The accused had admitted that a Jew of Savoy had poisoned wells and food “so as to kill and destroy the whole of Christianity”. Yet in each of the countries were the Jews were punished the plague came to an abrupt end. Despite their apparent ‘untouchability’ their crime was laid bare, perhaps cutting to close to their protectors, it was now known that the Jews were to blame for the Black Death.

Jews have intermarried with local Chinese sufficiently to be indistinguishable in appearance from their non-Jewish neighbours just like the Jews that occupy Europe. Indeed the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 1921, a Jewish ideology invented by the Jew Karl Marx the Grandson of a long line of Rabbis, and its formidable rise is testament to their concealment and manipulation. It is also vital to note that according to the Jewish Press “85 to 90% of the foreigners helping the Chinese at the time of the Communist takeover were Jewish” including Louisa Sachs (Goldman) the daughter of the Jew Marcus Goldman founder of the brokerage firm Goldman Sachs. Just like in the Russian Empire for over a decade prior to Communist seizure thousands of Communist Jews had been subverting the political landscape having been smuggled in under the guise of victimhood, by Ho Feng-Shan to secure a Communist victory. In fact China’s most renowned export is the so called martial arts icon Bruce Lee; elevated to almost mythic status the Jewish Press has proclaimed his Jewish heritage. Of course this is not unique, the Jews have always had us worship them, if not through Christianity then through their Hollywood machine with the likes of ChaplinFairbanks, Cary Grant, Douglas, Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bacall, Goldie Hawn and Scarlett Johansson. Even the goyim convert to be successful Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe; or are elevated because of a perverted lifestyle (homosexuality) Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Rock Hudson, Dirk Bogarde, Brando, James Dean, Jodie Foster to name but a few. The apparently ‘gullible, naive and trusting Chinese’ have allowed the Jew sanctuary while the tribe has been in the process of seizing control of the Caucasoid infrastructure:  “governments, media, education and entertainment” and using it to implement their destructive narrative. Meanwhile, just as Scott Robert has pointed out sugar coated and right under our noses, European jobs and industry are outsourced to the Far East.

Although the nefarious Jewish element has been scheming amongst us for millennia following the Jewish seizure of Europe in 1945 the Jew has spent the last 70 years accelerating his agenda. Now at the point of contrived crisis they appeal to the atomised to pull together knowing the impossibility, laughing and rubbing their hands at their achievement. Even alerts from the Jewish Prime Minister of Britain, asserting that now is the time to pull together while appealing to the public to stay 2 meters apart, are an absurd oxymoron only attesting to his Chutzpah. Coincidentally, between 1975 and 1977 the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) predictively programmed a fiction drama series called Survivors. It concerns the plight of a group of people who have survived an apocalyptic plague pandemic, which was accidentally released by a Chinese scientist and quickly spread across the world via trade roots. Given the extreme circumstance in which the characters find themselves the script is far from fanciful (Hollywood nonsense) and well worth a watch. The result of a Jewish think tank and puts an end to the absurd claims of the Alt-Right that the media acts independently. Indeed the enemy has created the ideal environment (multiculturalism, immigration) in order to spread disease yet political correctness (Cultural Marxism) prevents the public from pointing the finger at this course if indeed it is a disease. Clearly trust fails when one knows those in authority are Jewish. Indeed we are lead to believe that this virus originated in China and spread to other hot lands. Yet the Jewish Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson, a minority exerting his interests for the majority, insults our intelligence by informing the populous that come the summer the virus will slow down. This site certainly fails to see the logic. Jewish manipulation works wonders just like the ‘fleas on rats’ blamed for the 14th century plague that could not survive in the much cooler northern climate but served as an ideal distraction for the tribes criminal act. Interestingly, whilst Europe was in recovery from a devastating world war brutalising a generation in its prime the 1918/19 flu epidemic hit. Killing between 50 million and 100 million people, it was mysteriously misnamed the Spanish flu even though it was known it arrived from a military base in Jewish occupied America.

The implementation of this ‘Chinese’ COVID pandemic is certainly an initial test of compliance. This corrupt environment has so damaged our psyche that our need to survive is tainted by consumer mentality; the knee jerk reactions are to bulk buy toilet rolls. Like Jack being instructed by his impoverished mother to sell the family cow at market but instead is waylaid by a suspicious (Jewish) merchant who manipulates him into swapping his marketable animal for some rather dubious ‘magic’ beans. While, foolish Jack is vindicated when his beans grow leading him and his mother to riches beyond their wildest dreams, the toilet rolls that the Jew Sigmund Freud’s ‘magic’ has convinced current Caucasian man are his staple are unlikely to yield such security. Indeed rather than safety the Caucasoid may be looking at another genocide, only more protracted than the Black death, as our Jewish oppressors roll out a ‘cure’.

Thus a major consideration in this environment is forced inoculation. With schools and offices closed and the population in lock down as a ‘cure’ is produced a likely scenario will be that folk will not be ‘allowed’ back without a vaccination; and with modern science under enemy control untold horrors await. The Jew habitually turns the innocuous into nocuous along lines of thought that just would not have entered the Caucasian mind. A particular example is the Jew Oppenheimer’s weapon of mass destruction-atomic bomb vs the Caucasian focus for splitting the atom-cheap electricity. In a Jewish controlled environment and with the advances of genetic engineering already a mouse parades around with a human ear on its back. With the complete absence of a Caucasian moral framework and a population of goyim on which to ‘practice’ our future in the Jewish ‘Utopia’ will be hell. In fact it was during the major contrived events of the 20th century that the Jew convinced brother to fight brother as he seized Eastern Europe and under, Regulation 18B, imprisoned enemies of his Jewish tribe. Consider this the civil service and other connected government agency’s have been left with a skeleton staff leaving only the most trusted lackeys at the helm. This contrived crisis has enabled the Jewish authorities to remove any and all that slows down its agenda. “What better way to pull off the rounding up and execution of political dissidents than under the cover of a pandemic (martial law and extended/forced lock-downs/quarantines, blackouts, food shortages, riots, etc…)? It would be the perfect opportunity to blame the sudden disappearance/deaths of millions of people on something other than the (((usual suspects))), and it is the perfect excuse to prevent us from organizing.” – (Scott Roberts)

Consequently, like those of us that understand the mammoth task that kept the Holocaust Construct in place, this ‘virus’ still could be a huge scam. With technology such as AI face construction and voice cloning available even just to the amateur it is possible to fool a lot of the public a lot of the time. “In order to secure public opinion, this must first be made utterly confused by the expression from all sides of all manner of contradictory opinions, until the Gentiles become lost in their labyrinth.” – PROTOCOL N°2. It now should resonate with you how powerful the Jewish misinformation machine is and how it serves their ultimate agenda. David Icke, the consummate ‘conspiracy nut’ who appeals to the gullible and drug addled, to Andrew Anglin the states chosen representative of the nationalist course will be in their element in this climate as they make their chaotic ideas sound more plausible. This situation calls for common sense. One should see by now that such people are a tool created by the enemy and an obstacle to the truth.

In this light what does the enemy gain…As discussed the climate is ripe for forced inoculation; an ideal test of compliance. However, while the populace complies with Jewish vaccination demands the measures the tribe has imposed will lead to economic collapse; suspiciously comparable with the outcome of the Black Death which accelerated the demise of the feudal system and the stock market crash that followed the misnamed ‘Spanish Flu. Here bulk buying, cap on produce, business closures mass unemployment and state/country wide lock downs will only force small businesses into bankruptcy forcing commerce into an even tighter/smaller Jewish grip. Indeed it is the fact that such businesses are in debt to the banks and are unable to serve the public (the restaurant, corner shop etc) yet will still have to make payments will force bankruptcy. However, ironically when the Jewish banks failed in 2008 it was public money that was used to bail them out. The Jew never loses out and this contrived collapse would be comparable to the Wall Street Crash of 1929 leading to the Great Depression that caused Caucasian homelessness, destitution and mass suicide due to debt. The farmer, backbone of America, who had forged his farm from the sweat of his brow had fallen fowl of Jewish machinations and overnight his farm fell into Jewish hands. This is shockingly comparable to King Edward I’s returned from the Crusades in 1274 to find many of his subjects dispossessed and in danger of destitution because Jewish bankers had stolen their land. American economic recovery in the form of the New Deal was only implemented after National Socialism had gained power in Germany and threatened to expose the Jewish contrived collapse of the West. It has taken the Jew approximately 90 years to conjure up another ‘credible’ collapse. This time there is no saviour in the form of National Socialism to show the Jew up for what it is.

Finally, public information is warning those who think they may have ‘symptoms’ to self isolate and not to head to hospital. The UK NHS has a dedicated COVID 19 symptom helpline meaning when the public call claiming ‘symptoms’ each becomes a statistic. There are multiple explanations for this scenario; the virus is not really as bad as the Jewish authorities are making it out to be, equally the Jewish authorities are just not bothering to treat people. In each case they do not want a run on hospitals. Indeed the great drive from UK health is to protect the NHS denying its objective as a tool installed to safeguard public health-another oxymoron. Consequently, around the world hospitals are virtually empty. In what is apparently a health crisis this is ludicrous and clearly ineffective to the point of ineptitude. Incompetence is somewhat understandable with the human factor involved but happening on a regular basis it becomes absurd to the point that it is obvious that there is something else in play. Over the years there have been plenty of examples of video reveals claiming government ‘false flags’. Here the video content maker uses news reports to underline evidence of incompetence. These multiple video producers are so smug in their revelations yet fail to reason why. Is it impertinent to suggest a contrivance behind such incompetence and a drive towards public loss of faith in ‘their’ governments. In this light COVID 19 could be the biggest government incompetence trick yet and after such a devastating revelation public unrest would seem inevitable. Out of this chaos a leader of our enemies choice would arise to which the mass would turn. “A ruler must arise who will supersede the existing governments, which have been living upon a crowd, whose demoralisation we ourselves have brought about among flames of anarchy. Such a ruler must commence by extinguishing these flames, which are incessantly springing up from all sides.” – Protocol N°23  At any rate the most feasible outcome of this event will be tighter control, forced vaccination, and possible total economic collapse. After 30 to 40 years of exporting our infrastructure to China this could be the Jewish enemies final move. It is intriguing to note that following 9/11, before forensics had thoroughly completed its task, the evidence was shipped to Communist China, an enemy of the Jewish oppressed West but really the Jewish proxy army. With the enemy a known entity the Jewish dialectic is unmasked. Consequently, this event could be anything from a penultimate move like the seizure of Eastern Europe or the end game itself.

Postscript: as pointed out by Scott Roberts it would be advisable to contemplate the lyrics of the Jew Leonard Cohen’s track The Future as like many of their Hollywood Blockbusters it gives a taste of what they have in store.