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The Curious Events Surrounding the Sidney Street Siege

From the 1880’s onwards British police were investigating subversive political activity specifically involving Jewish itinerants previously squatting in Poland and Russia. Mainstream has already admitted that the most vicious modern serial killer the Jew Aaron Kosminski AKA ‘Jack the Ripper’ likely arrived in London with his family during the Russian riots that broke out in response to Jewish terrorist activity in the early 1880’s culminating in the murder of a European monarch Tsars Alexander II. Significant international media control enabled the Jewish tribe to use their favourite cry of victimhood effectively (The fabricated Pogrom). Thus a new wave of Jews was dispersed far and wide re-infecting some of the most powerful European countries on earth with their now ideologically revised poisonous designs; amongst the immigrants leaving Eastern Europe for Britain such violent terrorist types were contained amongst them. Indeed close to Mitre Square in the City of London where the Ripper’s fourth victim Catharine Eddowes was murdered the Great Synagogue and the Imperial Club both just off Duke Street were both potential meeting places for these Jewish Communist agitators. The Hebrew Socialist Union had been formed in Gun Street; Spitalfields in 1876 and in 1889, following a march from Berner Street to the Great Synagogue, a riot would take place outside the International Workers’ Educational Club near where the Ripper’s third victim Elizabeth Stride’s body was found. Committed Jewish Communist Louis Diemschutz, a deceitful ‘witness’ to the Elizabeth Stride murder, was listed as speaking at a club in Manchester in 1891 on the theme of the Paris Commune, which was the first attempted Marxist seizure of a European land. He, along with the Jew Isaac Kozebrodsky also witness to the murder scene, were arrested in March 1889 during the riot at the International Working Men’s Club and charged with assaulting a police officer. Diemschutz was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment with hard labour, a £40 fine (around £15,000 in today’s money) and producing two sureties of £20 each, to be forfeited if he failed to be of good behaviour for twelve months; a rather substantial cost for a supposed ‘poor Jewish immigrant’.

Britain’s First Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli still had his seat in 1880 and his own policy on race condoned this influx of violent Jewish criminality that equally brought the monster Kosminski into Britain. In his book Endymion published in 1880 Disraeli wrote “no man will treat with indifference the principles of race. It is the key to history and why history is so often confused is that it has been written by men who were ignorant of this principle and all the knowledge it involves…Language and religion do not make a race-there is only one thing which makes a race, and that is blood” Disraeli (1804 – 1881) was contemporary with the Jew Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) and both times as Prime Minister (1868, 1874–80) shared the same city as the inventor of White man’s destruction (Communism). However, curiously this is not the first time this tribal pair’s path has crossed. The Great Potato Famine began in Ireland in 1845 coinciding with Karl Marx’s brief visit to England 4 years before his permanent residency in 1849. 11 years later Marx would echo his comrade twice the future Prime Minister of Britain, Disraeli, then MP for Shrewsbury as he collapsed the British government in order to sabotage the only remedy to the Irish potato famine. Almost as if instructed as part of some long term strategy by Marx, two years later in 1847 the earliest safe seat in the House of Commons was made available to a fellow tribesman knowing he was barred from sitting in the chamber. At this time non-Christians were not permitted to sit in Parliament. It is conspicuous that it was so called ‘converted’ Jew Disraeli who spoke in favour of amending the law to permit Jews. With the exception of Disraeli, every member of the future protectionist cabinet then in government voted against the measure. Nevertheless, following this elaborately engineered Marxian scheme in 1847 that forced the British establishment to display apparent ‘anti-Semitism’, a Jewish Disabilities Bill continued to be pushed through Parliament and on 26th July 1858, Lionel de Rothschild took his seat as the first professing alien parasitic Member of Parliament in line with the Jewish agenda. Fundamentally this can be explained through the Jewish strategy of the dialectic (problem, reaction, solution). Their tribe instigate a problem by letting a safe seat in Parliament to one barred from sitting. This creates a reaction, cries of anti-Semitism leading to the Jewish Disabilities Bill pushed through Parliament resulting in the Jewish solution the Jew Lionel de Rothschild taking his seat. This strategy is also at work during the potato famine.

To reiterate at this point at a critical juncture in European history there are 3 major Jews together in the most important capital in the world and within the space of a mere two years two of the most disastrous decisions ever in British history have been made.  The loss of containment of a cancerous virus-the Jew is allowed to enter the halls of power-Parliament coursing pandemic across all European nations around the world leading to total Aryan subjugation; and the precursor to the Holodomor, the Irish Potato Famine that created a chasm between brethren so wide that it has existed for over 170 years. Of course this only echoes what Jews have done in other European counties. Examples are Basques set against Spanish, Russians against Ukrainians, Polish against Germans… Under the guidance of Marx, Disraeli and Rothschild’s manoeuvring the result is Jewish consolidation of power in, at that time the most formidable country on earth-Great Britain.

By early 1886 the anti-Home Rule (Ireland) Liberals had formed a ‘Committee for the Preservation of the Union’ (United Kingdom of Great Britain). This was soon joined by a smaller radical faction led by Joseph Chamberlain eventually breaking from Gladstone’s Liberal Party to form the Liberal Unionist Party. A coalition of the Conservative and Liberal Unionist parties took power in the United Kingdom following the general election of 1895. The Conservative leader, Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, the Marquess of Salisbury, took office as Prime Minister, and Arthur Balfour, was leader of the Commons. It is critical to recognise and no doubt surprising to some to hear that firearms were commonplace among the British people during this period and the government did not interfere. Prime Minister Lord Salisbury even stated in 1900 that he would “laud the day when there was a rifle in every cottage in England”. However, in only 2 years; 1902 the same year that Lenin along with Trotsky made their first visit to London and the first Zionist leader Theodor Herzl was in the capital, Salisbury had resigned to be succeeded by the infamous Balfour with the approval of the coalition government. Herzl would have multiple meetings with Nathanial Mayer ‘Lord’ Rothschild between 1902 and 1903. By 1903, the year Lenin paid his second visit, Britain had passed its first ever “gun control” law running parallel with current Jewish gun restrictions being enforced in America. Also at this time Winston Churchill alienated the Conservative Party by criticising the principles of Protectionism and military expenditure achieving a vote of no confidence from his Party on 23rd December 1903. The year before in 1902, he had been initiated into Freemasonry at Studholme Lodge, London (#1591) and raised to the Third Degree on 25th March. Although he continued to sit for Oldham until the next general election Churchill chose a critical moment to cross the floor to the Liberal Party. At the end of March 1904 just weeks prior to his departure the Conservatives had brought the Aliens Bill, the purpose of which was to curb Jewish immigration from East Europe, before the House of Commons. Promptly Churchill became an ardent opponent of the Bill busily wooing the electors of north-west Manchester, one-third of whose voters were Jewish, for whom he became Liberal MP in 1906, the year in which the Liberal party won a spectacular General Election victory. He was even accused in the press of acting under orders from Lord Rothschild, though he characterized the charge as a “foul slander”. Nevertheless, Churchill and a few allies continued to stonewall the bill. It was also incredibly convenient that in 1902 and 3 it was Theodor Herzl, Jewish Zionist and organiser of the World Zionist Organization of which the minutes are said to be the Protocols, who was invited to give evidence before the British Royal Commission on Alien (specifically Jewish) Immigration. Only a year later in 1904 during one of his electoral campaigns Balfour conferred with Chaim Weizmann, a leader among Jewish Zionists in Britain, who had recently taken a position as a chemistry lecturer in the area of Balfour’s Manchester constituency. Occurring in the same year that Churchill crossed the floor and became an ardent opponent of the Aliens Bill, vital is the fact that both these characters played a key role in the establishment of Israel. Meanwhile top Jewish Bolsheviks including Lenin and Trotsky have been meeting in London over the 3 years prior to the first attempted seizure of Russia in 1905. Balfour was Prime Minister until his resignation in December 1905 thus overseeing the Russo-Japanese War and playing host to the Jewish Bolshevik instigators of the first attempted seizure of Russia. Critically the Jewish anarchists involved in the attempted first violent seizure of Russia who escaped to England in 1905 were also the instigators of the Sidney Street Siege and a series of violent crimes involving several murders that preceded it, dealt with shortly in this article. Hence, as a consequence of Jewish political propaganda in the 1880’s Britain had an increasing influx of violent politically motivated alien parasites condoned by a strategically placed Jewish Prime Minister Disraeli who had twice cross paths with Karl Marx. Within years MP Churchill was accused in the press of acting under orders from Lord Rothschild as Prime Minister Balfour conferred with leading Jewish Zionist in Britain Chaim Weizmann and played host to the Jewish Bolshevik instigators of the first attempted seizure of Russia. Already in 1905 an examination of the British leadership was sharply indicating corruption and enemy infiltration.

The Aliens Act had been introduced by July 24th 1905. It ensured that leave to land could be withheld if the immigrant was judged to be ‘undesirable’ by falling into one of four categories: ‘a) if he cannot show that he has in his possession … the means of decently supporting himself and his dependents …’; ‘b) if he is a lunatic or an idiot or owing to any disease of infirmity liable to become a charge upon the public rates …’; c) ‘if he has been sentenced in a foreign country for a crime, not being an offence of a political character …’; or ‘d) if an expulsion order under this act has [already] been made’. What is highly significant is that racially driven ‘political’ intrigue against a former European government is not considered criminally damaging enough to restrict access into this land demonstrating that the interests of the British public are not being prioritised. Indeed there is clear evidence of National interests being relegated to pave the way for future global Jewish interests. Consequently even with the adoption of the Aliens Act the subversive political atmosphere remained. Although a bit late in the game this was acknowledged 34 years later on “January 13th, 1939 when Mr. Dummett, the Bow Street Magistrate, said in Court: “This system by which Jews get sailors to smuggle them into this country, and then refuse to give the name of the ship or men who got them here, is a grave breach of the Aliens Act.” Mr. Metcalfe, the Old Street Magistrate, expressed himself on the subject in even stronger terms. “Most of the stipendiary magistrates know that the so-called aliens are Jewish criminals of the lowest and shiftiest type or, at the best, rapacious political nuisances.”

Ramsay MacDonald played host to Lenin in the run up to the Tottenham outrage (1907). He would become the first Labour Prime Minister in the shadow of scandal implicating him in Jewish Bolshevik conspiracy. The 1924 scandal surrounded a document in letter form written by the Jew Zinoviev encouraging agitation “in the armed forces (including a loan to the Bolshevik government)”. Also during Lenin’s fourth and fifth visits to London in 1907 and 8 Trotsky, Stalin and other leading Bolshevik terrorists attended a congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party in an East London church. The Tottenham Outrage is the name given to an armed robbery and double murder which took place in Tottenham, Middlesex and Walthamstow, Essex, on January 23rd 1909, carried out by two Jewish anarchists, Paul Helfeld and Jacob Lepidus (sometimes spelt Lapidus). It is interesting to note that this occurred in the same year as the founding of MI1 through to MI19 the precursor to the well-known MI5 and MI6. Curiously its prime agent was the Jew Shlomo Rosenblum alias Sidney Reilly inserted as crucially Jewish anarchists plan to steal wages from Schnurmann’s Rubber Company in Chestnut Road Tottenham. The proceeds of this criminal activity were to be used to fuel unrest around Europe. In fact it was known that many of these Jewish protagonists had already received heavy sentences for this same criminal behaviour in other European countries. Situated in the shadow of Tottenham Police Station shots fired during the attempted robbery were heard by Constables Tyler and Newman. In their attempts to escape the two Jewish anarchists began a chase and shooting spree that resulted in two deaths – a brave unarmed pursuing police officer William Tyler and an innocent 10 year old baker’s delivery boy named Ralph Joscelyne. In all there were 25 casualties including massive head trauma and paralysis due to gunshot wounds demonstrating the escaping Jewish anarchist’s contempt for the innocent European public. The whole incident lasted more than two hours, covered a distance of six miles with an estimated 400 rounds fired by Helfeld and Lepidus. Inconveniently despite a restriction in public gun ownership it was partly due to an armed public that the violence was brought to an ‘early’ close. Consequently there is a direct correlation between Jewish Zio-Marxist street violence and occupied politicians need for public gun control; without means to defend himself against the criminal element the occupying Jew has a new way to exterminate the European. It was reported that both Jewish anarchists shot themselves, Lepidus successfully Helfeld later dying in hospital, rather than risk capture. However, given the extraordinary measures now taken to strip the European public of any means to defend themselves against the enemy, it is hard to imagine the Jew actually taking its own life. Constable Tyler was publicly buried on January 29th in Abney Park Cemetery with the route of the murdered policeman’s funeral cortège being lined by a crowd of half a million people. The event led to the creation of the King’s Police Medal, to reward the gallantry of the police officers involved and heightened public awareness of the Jewish problem; simultaneously increasing a hatred for this criminal race who would later ignite the 1911 Sidney Street Siege.

On December 16th 1910, members of the same Jewish gang including Yakov Peters, George Gardstein, Fritz Svaars, and Yourka Dubof attempted to break into the rear of Henry Harris’s jeweller’s shop in Houndsditch resulting in the murder of 3 police officers and injury to 2 others. The Daily Telegraph reported: “Some two or three weeks ago this particular house in Exchange Buildings was rented and there went to live there two men and a woman. They were little known by neighbours, and kept very quiet, as if, indeed, to escape observation. They are said to have been foreigners in appearance, and the whole neighbourhood of Houndsditch containing a great number of aliens, and removal being not infrequent, the arrival of this new household created no comment. The police, however, evidently had some cause to suspect their intentions. The neighbourhood is always well patrolled.”

An intense search for the murderers followed and a number of the gang or their associates were soon arrested including Karl Hoffman, Max Smoller, John Rosen, Sara Trassjonsky and Gardstein’s mistress Nina Vassilleva. When arrested the Jewess Trassjonsky was hastily burning incriminating documentation. Perhaps relating to other gang members the papers in question may have had links to official channels. She was questioned at the City Police headquarters in Old Jewry, off Cheapside though no significant information could be gotten from her. On January 2nd 1911 The Metropolitan Police received information that two more of the Gardstein gang were sheltering in the Jewess Betsy Gershon‘s flat at 100 Sidney Street, Stepney. The combined force of Met and City Police cordoned off the area and evacuated other residents. What is highly significant at this point is Winston Churchill’s massive over reaction in sending 200 police to surround the building, 800 Scots Guards and field artillery (cannon). The then unpopular Home Secretary made an appearance in person at the scene with audible booing from the gathering crowd as fire took hold of the building. The reason for the appearance of such an authoritative politician has yet to be explained although much palaver was created out of his being shot through the hat; a typical media distraction technique and frequently dismissed by historians who suggest that the bullets passed no were near the Home Secretary. Although the Fire Brigade arrived promptly they were forbidden by Churchill to extinguish the blaze which generally guarantees erasure of forensic evidence. Two bodies were discovered inside the burnt-out building. later identified as Fritz Svaars and William Sokolow. Churchill then appeared at the inquest held that January into the deaths at Houndsditch and Sidney Street. Here curiously, even though fire had meant it unlikely that forensic evidence was possible, it took the jury only fifteen minutes to reach the conclusion that the two bodies located were those of Svaars and Sokoloff, and that the police officers were murdered by Gardstein (now dead) and his gang in  the course of a mere burglary attempt.

Although information the police received mentioned only two gang members at the Sidney Street residence and correspondingly two bodies were discovered inside the burnt-out house at this point a police hunt is activated for what we would suggest is a fictional third member of the gang named Peter Piaktow. Portrayed as a mystery ‘revelations’ about his identity are rife only lending the figure to Jewish Marxist misdirection as happened in 1960 when the criminal activities committed by these Jewish anarchists in the winter of 1910-11 were glorified in a movie. ‘Peter Piaktow’ was used as the central character in the film ‘The Siege of Sidney Street’ and the script has him escape providing the media with an ‘excuse’ to ignore facts. Thus in a similar fashion to the ‘Jack the Ripper’ saga were the public are distracted from the true Jewish murderers Aaron Kosminski and his Jewish helper George Chapman by various ‘red herrings’, one of them being the possibility that a member of the Royal family was the killer, there are several myths concentrating on ‘Peter the Painter’. Nevertheless, the trial of the Houndsditch murders opened at the Old Bailey on May 1st with Yakov Peters, a member of the British Labour Party and Yourka Dubof, who both took part in the 1905 attempted Jewish seizure of Russia, charged with murder. Yet James Melville barrister in the 1911 trial successfully defended both anarchists, also critical to note he would become a minister in Ramsay MacDonald’s 1929 Labour Government. According to the author Donald Rumbelow Peters was guilty but the prosecution’s case was a shambles. This was somewhat curious court work considering the number of ‘anarchists’ that his father, William Melville, had apprehended, and his father’s key emergent role in counter-intelligence. Clearly there is weight to the allegation that Melville Sr. was implemented to lift suspicion from Jewish Bolshevik anarchists. Indeed it was Melville Sr. who recruited the Jew Shlomo Rosenblum (Sidney Reilly) supported by Winston Churchill who advocated Reilly’s recruitment into MI6 even though it was known that he prostituted his ‘talents’ to other powers. There is also speculation that Reilly was a Bolshevik agent; his disappearance in Russia in 1925 only deepened these suspicions. That Melville Sr. was also to engage the Jewish trickster and locksmith Houdini around the same time period as Reilly suggests a tribal recruitment drive by the security services. Therefore, British security was heavily infiltrated and thus compromised from the very beginning. Peters escaped justice to return to Russia where he became deputy head of the Cheka secret police. He married May Freeman, the daughter of a Jewish banker in 1913. In December, 1917, Lenin appointed Felix Dzerzhinsky as Commissar for Internal Affairs and head of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage (Cheka). Soon afterwards Dzerzhinsky appointed Peters as his deputy. An American diplomat testified to Congress that Peters was, along with other Cheka leaders considered the “most blood-thirsty monster in Russia” almost as notorious as Dzerzhinsky himself. This only confirms complicity with the Jewish agenda in the British Government at a high level.

The dramatic Siege of Sidney Street was the opening to a series of highly politicised events. In that same year, September 1911, the Jew Mordecai Bogrov murdered the Russian Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin and only months later Lenin embarked on his final visit to London. In all he visited England 6 times writing his first letter to the Director of the British Museum, dated April 22nd 1902, requesting permission to study in the Library. It bears the signature Jacob Richter; the pseudonym that he had adopted to throw the Tsarist police off his track. The reference required by the Museum authorities was supplied by the General Secretary of the General Federation of Trade Unions, I. H. Mitchell, but this did not satisfy the Admissions Office as Mitchell’s home address could not be found in the London street directories. Lenin wrote again enclosing another recommendation from Mitchell, who this time used the address of his union’s headquarters. On May 18th 1908 under his real name, Vladimir Oulyanoff, Lenin again wrote to the Director of the Museum requesting permission to study in the Library referring to an earlier donation of two of his books. His recommendation came from a certain J. J. Terrett, an English Social Democrat, but as in 1902 the authorities refused him admission. However, not only does this confirm that Lenin had considerable contacts among the so called socialist and Labour Unions but it also indicates that his insurgence into England was not entirely smooth. Two days later he wrote again enclosing a second reference, this time from his old friend, the manager of the Twentieth Century Press and founding member of the British Communist party, Harry Quelch. Lenin made use of the Library’s collections on only one more occasion; during his lecture-tour of 1911. The London reading of “Stolypin and Revolution took place on November 11th in the New King’s Hall, Commercial Road, Whitechapel and on the same day the Museum issued a temporary pass to Mr. Vladimir Oulianoff, making a note of his address:- 6 Oakley Square, N.W., in their Card Index of Readers. He visited several European cities to deliver his paper possibly making a stop in Liverpool during the Transport Strike.

Strike action began in Southampton on 14th June when the National Amalgamated Sailors’ and Firemen’s Union made demands for improved conditions for their members and action then spread to other ports, including Liverpool the home of the infamous New York times reporter Walter Duranty who provided the necessary obstacle that prevented the truth about the Holodomor genocides emerging. Demands were met in a few days and members returned to work, but in Liverpool the strike continued led by Tom Mann. Openly Communist and a member of the Fabian Society Mann was an early member of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) formed in 1920. He supported measures being taken during 1921 in Russia and the Ukraine by the Jewish Bolsheviks (Holodomor Genocides) and published pamphlets stating such. The first Communists recruited from Britain to fight against European patriots in the 1936 Spanish civil war were named the Tom Mann Centuria led by the Jew Nat Cohen. In fact the first Marxist political group in Britain-Social Democratic Federation (SDF) – included trade unionist members Tom Mann and Eleanor Marx, Karl Marx’ youngest daughter.

The strike came to its climax on August 13th as police clashed violently with the public. In the police charges and subsequent unrest that carried on through the following night, over 350 people were injured. 3,500 British troops were stationed in the city by this time. Two days later, soldiers of the 18th Hussars opened fire on a crowd on Vauxhall Road, injuring fifteen, two fatally: John Sutcliffe and Michael Prendergast. Given the heightened tension already alive in the city Churchill’s decision to add troops, extra Police from other parts of the country and even sending a gunboat, HMS Antrim, up the Mersey with its guns facing Liverpool seems like a primer for civil war. However, this was clearly a dialectical move to create an even greater divide between the classes. Given the fact that Lenin had recently paid his last visit to Britain and was a master of the dialectic it is not hard to reason that sexually compromised Churchill had taken instruction directly from his Jewish handlers. Indeed to this day Liverpool is considered to be the most Trotskyite city in Britain. It is also critical to note that the position of the Home Secretary ensures measures be seen as acts of ‘national security’ while they actually favour the Jewish agenda. The Liverpool general transport strike, also known as the great transport workers’ strike, paralysed Liverpool commerce for most of the summer of 1911. Thus with a Marxist leadership the general trade unions had succeeded in fractionalising the whole city (rich versus poor) holding it to ransom through the use of their own working people. It is also interesting to note that although born in Liverpool and aged 27 at the time of the strike Duranty’s whereabouts is unknown at this point though later he would substantially contribute to Jewish Bolshevik propaganda.

Given Lenin’s close link with the union movement in Britain, for example his association with the General Secretary of the General Federation of Trade Unions, I. H. Mitchell, from a Jewish perspective this would warrant a piece of misdirection (in fact a smokescreen) leading directly to the fable of Hitler’s visit to Liverpool still perpetuated today through the Zio-Marxist media even though proven to be a blatant fabrication. Lenin even confirmed a connection following the national coal strike of 1912. The first national strike by coal miners in Britain it began at the end of February in Alfreton, Derbyshire and spread nationwide ending on April 6th after 37 days. Lenin stated that “since the miners’ strike the British proletariat is no longer the same. The workers have learned to fight…In Britain a change has taken place in the balance of social forces”. This only confirms that his appearance in Britain was to solicit disorder. Indeed it was well known that Lenin and his comrades were plotting to take over a European country by violent insurgency. The failed assassination attempt on the Tsar’s life by Lenin’s brother occurring on the sixth anniversary of Alexander II’s murder by Jewish Bolsheviks (1st March 1887) and the first attempted seizure of Russia in 1905 is proof of this. Therefore, while it is plain that between 1902 and 1911 Lenin and his entourage were able to hold their meetings, six in all, in England what is inconceivable is that a Government put in place to protect its people allowed it. Thus, based on the evidence provided, the only conclusion that can be reached is treachery and alien infiltration.

Furthermore, in a telegram from New York to London, dated March 22th, 1917, an MI5 agent warned “An important movement has been started here among Socialists (Jewish Bolsheviks), with a view to getting back Revolutionary Socialists into Russia … with [the] object of establishing a Republic and…promoting Socialistic Revolutions in other countries, including the United States”. Thus this same MI5 agent ordered a ship containing Trotsky to be detained when it stopped at Halifax in Canada. Trotsky was subsequently arrested with five Bolshevik terrorists and there he would have remained, had it not been for the intervention of another Jewish MI6 officer William Wiseman.

This is unmistakable evidence that the British Government allowed the Jew Trotsky back into Russia. This decision was absolutely bizarre given the fact that Britain and the rest of Europe were perfectly aware of Jewish Bolshevik policy to remain out of WWI. Also critical is that Lenin, based in Switzerland, was absent from the beginnings of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. Yet in hast the German Government smuggled him back into Russia by train. Therefore, the only interests served with the return of two leading Jewish Bolshevik figures-Trotsky and Lenin is the destruction of the old European order marked by the Jewish seizure of Russia and the murder of an ancient European royal line. Indeed history always reveals that the Jew is always at the crucial point to oversee his scheme. Furthermore 3 months prior to Trotsky’s detention on the 17th December 1916 British security services executed a plot with Oswald Rayner (another possibly Jewish agent) and transvestite and likely homosexual Count Felix Yusupova to assassinate Jewish Hollywood’s favourite scapegoat Rasputin.

In a final summery during 1845 there were 3 major Jews Disraeli, Rothschild and Marx in London and within two years two of the most disastrous decisions ever in British history had been made. It is critical to note that the insertion of the Jewish parasite into Parliament has usurped European Security in favour of Jewish global interests. Also particularly significant is the fact that within a few years of Marx’ 1845 episode he writes 2 major Jewish ideological platforms-the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital and becomes a permanent resident in London. As early as 1871 Marx work is used as a formula in an attempt to seize France and by 1902-4 Prime Minister Balfour plays host to Jewish Zionist leader Theodor Herzl and shares the same city with with first and future President of Israel Chaim Weizmann and Bolshevik leaders Lenin and Trotsky, laying the seed for the Jewish Bolshevik first attempted seizure of Russia, WWI and the capture of Palestine. Following Russia’s actual seizure in 1917 it is the Jew Lenin who will enforce Marx’s Communist ideology that murdered in excess of 66 million Europeans. The foundation for this was laid when; in 1909 Melville recruited Reilly to the fledgling British Secret Service with Churchill’s support. During this period Churchill’s behaviour, whose accusation of homosexuality in 1896 was covertly settled out of court, can only be considered as suspicious with regard to his favourable Jewish political manoeuvring and bizarre presence during Jewish terrorist activity. In 2002 Jewish media through a poll voted Churchill the “Greatest Briton” later followed by a statue in Jerusalem only cementing the fact that Churchill was actually the “Greatest” Jewish shill.

Consequently, Marx’s work was the blueprint for 150 years of European destabilisation culminating in the violent Jewish occupation of Eastern Europe. Even now Marx’s work has been reconstructed for a contrived ‘collapse’ of communism in the East. Now combined with Jewish psychology or ‘Freudianism’ it is delivered across the globe as cultural Marxism or Political Correctness a key dialectical tool driving us towards total subservience under a tyrannical Jewish One World Government. Therefore, it seems only fitting to remind Europe that by constantly submitting to alien Jewish manipulation she squandered a prime opportunity to fight this future. We now face the endgame and a final reckoning. When it arises it must be grasped with both hands for there will be no reprise for Europe.

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