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Laurence A Waddell

AZL flag holder TransparentLieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell, CB, CIE, F.L.S., L.L.D, M.Ch., I.M.S. RAI, F.R.A.S (1854–1938) was a British army surgeon, Professor of Chemistry and Pathology, Professor of Tibetan, explorer and archaeologist. Waddell also studied Sumerian and Sanskrit; he made various translations of seals and other inscriptions. Waddell was born to Rev. Thomas Clement Waddell, a Doctor of Divinity at Glasgow University and Jean Chapman, daughter of John Chapman of Banton, Stirlingshire. Waddell obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine followed by a Master’s degree in both Surgery and Chemistry at Glasgow University in 1878. In 1880 Waddell joined the British Army and served as a medical officer for the Indian Medical Service (I.M.S).He was subsequently stationed in India and the following year became a Professor of Chemistry and Pathology at the Medical College of Kolkata, India and remained there for 6 years. While in India, Waddell also studied Sanskrit and edited the Indian Medical Gazette. From 1885-1887 Waddell became involved in British expeditions across Burma and Tibet. After his return from Burma Waddell was stationed in Darjeeling district, India, and was appointed Principal Medical Officer in 1888. Although his first publications were essays and articles on medicine and zoology, most notably “The Birds of Sikkim” (1893) in the 1890s Waddell firmly establish his archaeological expertise. He studied archaeology, ethnology and learned Tibetan in-between his military assignments. During the 1890s Waddell specialised in Buddhist antiquities and in 1895-97 he published “Reports on collections of Indo-Scythian Buddhist Sculptures from the Swat Valley”, various archaeological excavations were carried out and supervised by Waddell across India, including Pataliputra. His discoveries at Pataliputra were published in an official report in 1892 and his exploits in the Himalayas were published in his highly successful book Among the Himalayas (1899). Waddell was considered alongside Sir Charles Bell as one of the foremost authorities on Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. In 1895 he also obtained a doctorate in law. Waddell continued his military service with the Indian Medical Service from 1898 returning to returned to England in 1906 a well decorated officer where he briefly became Professor of Tibetan at the University College of London. In 1908 Waddell began to learn Sumerian and began to translate ancient cuneiform tablets or seals, most notable include the Scheil dynastic tablet, the Bowl of Utu, the Newton Stone, as well as his British Edda. In 1911, Waddell published two entries in the Encyclopædia Britannica. By 1917, Waddell published an article in the Asiatic Review entitled “Aryan Origin of the World’s Civilization” and until his death was a proponent of “Pan-Sumerism” stating that many cultures and ancient civilizations were the product of Aryan Sumerian colonists such as the Indus Valley Civilization, Minoan Crete, Phoenicia, and Dynastic Egypt. From the 1920s Waddell had published several works highlighting the Aryan (i.e., Indo-European) origin of the alphabet and the appearance of Indo-European figures in ancient Near Eastern mythologies (e.g., Hittite, Sumerian, Babylonian). In Phoenician Origin of Britons, Scots, and Anglo-Saxons (1924) Waddell proposes a Syro-Hittite and Phoenician colonization of the British Isles and with Schliemann’s concrete verification of the existence of Troy the “migration of King Brutus and his Trojan and Phoenician refugees from Asia Minor and Phoenicia to establish a new homeland colony in Albion” has credence particularly when the use of the ancient Aryan “Sun-Cross” (Swastika) is mentioned. Waddell’s theory that the Indus-Valley seals were Sumerian also had academic support in the 1920s. It is highly suspicious that this support had disappeared by the early 1940s as Britain aided Jewish finance in a war against the Ethnic European. The non-Semitic source of the Sumerian language was established in the late 19th century by Julius Oppert and Henry Rawlinson and Waddell’s works Aryan Origin of the Alphabet and Sumer-Aryan Dictionary (1927) established that the Sumerian language was of Aryan (Indo-European) origin. He died in 1938 the same year he had completed writing Trojan Origin of World Civilization. This book was never published evidently because the weight of Waddell’s research severely impaired Jewish Marxist credibility.

Karl Lueger

AZL flag holder TransparentKarl Lueger (24th October 1844 – 10th March 1910) was an Austrian Christian Socialist politician, mayor of Vienna, and leader and co-founder of the Austrian Christian Social Party. Lueger was born at Wieden (since 1850 the 4th district of Vienna) to Leopold Lueger of Neustadtl an der Donau and his wife Juliane. He studied law at the University of Vienna, receiving his doctorate in 1870. At university he was a member of the Catholic Student Association (Katholische akademische Verbindung Norica Wien, K.A.V. Norica Wien), part of the Österreichische Cartellverband (ÖCV) fraternities. Lueger established his own lawyer’s office in Vienna in 1874 and soon became known as a “little people’s” („kleinen Leute“) advocate. Lueger’s early political life was associated with the German National Party and his concern lay with ethnic German tradesmen, who saw the Jewish competition undermining their already precarious situation. In 1875 Lueger was elected as a deputy of Vienna’s City Council (Gemeinderat). He was a member from 1875 to 1876 and from 1878 to 1910. In 1885 he was elected to the lower house (Abgeordnetenhaus) of the Austrian Imperial Parliament (Reichsrat), representig the Fifth District of Vienna, and was returned in the 1891 election. From 1890 he was also a member of the Lower Austria parliament (Landtag). After the 1895 elections for the Vienna Gemeinderat the Christian Socialists took political power from the ruling Liberals with two thirds of the seats and subsequently helped Lueger win the mayoralty. He was a zealous Catholic, and wished to “capture the university” for the Church. He would have neither Social Democrats nor Jews in the municipal administration. He secured good treatment for Czech migrants. In his incumbency, Lueger is credited with the extension of the public water supply by its second main aquifer (Hochquellwasserleitung), which provides tap water of mineral water quality to large parts of the city. He also pursued the municipalization of gas and electricity works as well as the establishment of a public transport system introducing streetcars, and numerous institutions of social welfare, most of which strongly relied on debt financing. He incorporated the suburbs, and built parks and gardens, and hospitals and schools. Der schöne Karl (“handsome Karl”) achieved tremendous popularity among the citizens and a significant part of the infrastructure and organisations that are responsible for the high standard of living in the contemporary city were created during his terms of office. Lueger referred to himself as an admirer of Edouard Drumont, who founded the Antisemitic League of France in 1889. Lueger served as mayor of Vienna until his early death from in 1910. Hundreds of thousands of Austrians, including Adolf Hitler, participated in his funeral. He was buried in the crypt of the newly erected St Charles Borromeo Church at the Zentralfriedhof (the so called Dr. Karl Lueger Memorial Church), whose ground-breaking ceremony he performed.
Hitler wrote about Lueger:
“At all events, these occasions slowly made me acquainted with the man and the movement, which in those days guided Vienna’s destinies: Dr. Karl Lueger I and the Christian Social Party. When I arrived in Vienna, I was hostile to both of them. The man and the movement seemed ‘reactionary’ in my eyes. My common sense of justice, however, forced me to change this judgment in proportion as I had occasion to become acquainted with the man and his work; and slowly my fair judgment turned to unconcealed admiration. Today, more than ever, I regard this man as the greatest German mayor of all times” Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf, page 54-65

Henry Hyndman

AZL flag holder TransparentHenry Mayers Hyndman (7th March 1842–20th November 1921) was a British politician, author and social activist best known as the founder of the Social Democratic Federation and the National Socialist Party. Born in England to a family of Ulster-Scots ancestry after achieving his degree in 1865 he studied law for two years before deciding to become a journalist. In 1866 Hyndman reported on the Italian war with Austria for the Pall Mall Gazette meeting the leaders of the Italian nationalist movement and was generally sympathetic to their cause. Hyndman toured the world in 1869 visiting the United States, Australia and several European countries. A staunch patriot he praised the merits of British imperialism as he continued to write for the Pall Mall Gazette.
Hyndman stood as an Independent for the constituency of St Marylebone in the 1880 General Election. Denounced as a Tory by William Ewart Gladstone, Hyndman got very little support from the electorate and, facing certain defeat, withdrew from the contest. Soon after the election he became attracted to socialism. Hyndman even had close personal contact with Marx and formed this impression “There can be no doubt whatever that his hatred of the system…was not only intellectual and philosophic but bitterly personal.” The Social Democratic Federation which Hyndman founded was the first significant socialist organisation in Britain and he was joined by the likes of William Morris. Hyndman was the editor of the party newspaper named Justice. Marx had no direct influence over Hyndman’s socialism yet in 1884 Jews coursed conflict in the party leading to splits. Hyndman continued to lead the remains of the SDF but in 1911 he set up the British Socialist Party (BSP) when it fused with a number of branches of the Independent Labour Party. However, after a further defeat in the 1916 leadership elections of the British Socialist Party Hyndman and his followers founded the National Socialist Party. Hyndman also supported small farmers, such as the Irish National Land League and a similar group in Great Britain and openly attacked the Jewish Rothschild banking family revealing their criminal hands (which he described as a “Jew clique” and “Semitic moneybags”) in conflicts such as the Anglo-Boer War.


“I am quite content to bear the reproach of chauvinism in regard to what I say about the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples. We have to base the first real socialistic combination upon the common interests and affinities of the great Celto-Teutonic peoples in America, in Australia, in these islands and possibly in Germany.” – Henry Hyndman


“It is high time that those who do not think that Beit, Barnato, Oppenheim, Rothschild and Co. ought to control the destinies of Englishmen at home and of their Empire abroad, should come together and speak their mind.” – Henry Hyndman


The Oppenheims and Bischoffheims, the Rothschilds, the Barings and the Lawson Levys, Baron de Worms and the Right Hon. J. G. Goschen – the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, as some say – Sir George Elliot and Sir Julian Goldsmid, these are the main champions of the Egyptian War. This Semitic array and their bottle holders have made a fine thing of it.” – Henry Hyndman


Roger waters

Roger Waters is a MarxistGeorge Roger Waters (born 6th September 1943) is a AZL flag holder TransparentCommunist musician, singer, songwriter and composer. Born to Mary (née Whyte; 1913-2009) and Eric Fletcher Waters (1913-1944), in Great Bookham, Surrey, his father, the son of a coal miner and Labour Party activist, Roger Waters is a Marxistwas a schoolteacher, and a Communist Party member. In 1965, he co-founded the progressive rock band Pink Floyd and subsequently composed and recorded a series of politically charged and aggressive albums including The Wall. In fact the accompanying video to the featured single The Wall is cunningly interspersed with references to the Holocaust construct indicating Water’s Communist affiliation. The 1982 film based on the 1979 Pink Floyd album whose screenplay was written by Waters also features heavily politicised scenes that deliberately manifest the totalitarianism of Bolshevism but overlaid with fascist iconography. In October 2010 his ‘political activism’, a contrived performance for the press, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) condemned Waters, saying that he had used “imagery long associated with stereotypes about Jews and money” and had “crossed the line into anti-Semitism” allowing Waters to show his veneration for his Jewish masters and affirm his advocacy for their global domination. In particular in his open letter to The Independent he stated that the artwork used during his shows was representative of religious and national and commercial interests, all of which have a malign influence on our lives and prevent us from treating each other decently”, exquisitely representing the rhetoric of the politically correct Global Jewish Zionists destroying race and culture.


“I have many very close Jewish friends, one of whom, interestingly enough, is the nephew of the late Simon Wiesenthal. I am proud of that association; Simon Wiesenthal was a great man. Also I have two grandsons who, I love more than life itself, their Mother, my daughter in law, is Jewish and so, in consequence, I’m told, are they”. – (Excerpt) An open letter from Roger Waters 2013.


George S Patton

AZL flag holder TransparentThe murder of GENERAL PATTONGeorge Smith Patton, Jr. (November 11, 1885 – December 21, 1945) was a United States Army general, best known for his flamboyant character and his command of the Seventh United States Army, and later the Third United States Army, in WWII. Patton’s phenomenal European ancestry has been traced back to sixteen of the Barons who signed the Magna Carta. Furthermore, he was descended from George Washington’s great grandfather and from Edward I of England through Edward’s son Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent. Having an illustrious military family Patton never seriously considered a career other than the military yet even with his eminent career Patton was going to resign from the Military during WWII. Patton’s 3rd Army had been ordered to a halt as it reached the German border to appease the Bolsheviks and was prevented from seizing either Berlin or Prague, moves that could have prevented Communist domination of Eastern Europe after the war. Patton did not trust the Bolsheviks and wanted to go to war with them against the administration and reportedly kept some German units ready to move against the Red Army. Furthermore, according to military historian Robert Wilcox Patton was privy to secrets from WWII that would have ruined careers, indicating that Dwight Eisenhower would never have been elected president if Patton had lived to say the things he wanted to say. Dr J. Wickstrom stated that Patton’s “Intelligence Corp had broken Eisenhower’s military communication code… and thus, General Patton was fully aware of the conspiracy and plans by Washington, D.C. and Moscow (Potsdam and Yalta Meetings) of slaughtering the German men, women, and children after the war.” His Third Army was the only command of the Allied troops to release significant numbers of Germans. As soon as the war was over, General George Patton simply turned his prisoners loose to find their way home as best they could. Eisenhower was furious, and issued a specific order to Patton, to turn these men over to the Disarmed Enemy Forces (DEF) or Eisenhower’s death camps.Eisenhower's 'Rhine Meadows' Death Camps Patton completely ignored his orders in order to save Germans. Patton wrote in his diary: “If they [the Jewish DPs] were not kept under guard they would not stay in the camps, would spread over the country like locusts, and would eventually have to be rounded up after…quite a few Germans [had been] murdered and pillaged.” At least twice in his diary, Patton referred to the Jewish DPs as “animals.” Even accusations of ‘war crimes’ offended Patton: It is not cricket and is Semitic.” – Patton wrote to his wife on July 21st 1945 following a visit to the ruined Berlin- “Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be Communist…for the first week after The Rape of Germanythey took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it Jewish Bolshevik Rape(instead of the Jewish Bolsheviks) had I been allowed.” Prior to General Patton’s Death on December 21, 1945, there were several assassination attempts on him. In his diary Patton had noted that on one occasion an RAF Spitfire attacked his private plane in an attempt to shoot it down but fortunately crashed after missing. General Patton died on December 21, 1945. After a decade-long investigation, military historian Robert Wilcox asserts that OSS head General “Wild Bill” Donovan ordered a highly decorated marksman called Douglas Bazata to silence Patton, who gloried in the nickname “Old Blood and Guts”.


“Let’s keep our boots polished, bayonets sharpened, and present a picture of force and strength to the Red Army. This is the only language they understand and respect.” – George S Patton May 7, 1945
“If we have to fight them (The Soviet Bolsheviks), now is the time. From now on we will get weaker and they stronger.” – George S Patton a letter to his wife May 20, 1945
“these people (The Jews) do not understand toilets and refuse to use them except as repositories for tin cans, garbage, and refuse . . . They decline, where practicable, to use latrines, preferring to relieve themselves on the floor.”– George S Patton 1945
“where, although room existed, the Jews were crowded together to an appalling extent, and in practically every room there was a pile of garbage in one corner which was also used as a latrine. The Jews were only forced to desist from their nastiness and clean up the mess by the threat of the butt ends of rifles. Of course, I know the expression ‘lost tribes of Israel’ applied to the tribes which disappeared — not to the tribe of Judah from which the current sons of bitches are descended. However, it is my personal opinion that this too is a lost tribe — lost to all decency.” – George S Patton 1945
“This happened to be the feast of Yom Kippur, so they were all collected in a large, wooden building, which they called a synagogue. It behooved General Eisenhower to make a speech to them. We entered the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen. When we got about halfway up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and in a surplice heavily embroidered and very filthy, came down and met the General . . . The smell was so terrible that I almost fainted and actually about three hours later lost my lunch as the result of remembering it.” – George S Patton diary entry for September 17, 1945
“Evidently the virus started by Morgenthau and Baruch of a Semitic revenge against all Germans is still working. Harrison (a U.S. State Department official) and his associates indicate that they feel German civilians should be removed from houses for the purpose of housing Displaced Persons. There are two errors in this assumption. First, when we remove an individual German we punish an individual German, while the punishment is — not intended for the individual but for the race.
Furthermore, it is against my Anglo-Saxon conscience to remove a person from a house, which is a punishment, without due process of law. In the second place, Harrison and his ilk believe that the Displaced Person is a human being, which he is not, and this applies particularly to the Jews, who are lower than animals.” – George S Patton September diary entry 1945
“I am frankly opposed to this war criminal stuff. It is not cricket and is Semitic. I am also opposed to sending POW’s to work as slaves in foreign lands (i.e., the Soviet Union’s Gulags), where many will be starved to death.” – George S Patton a letter to his wife September 14, 1945
“I have been at Frankfurt for a civil government conference. If what we are doing (to the Germans) is ‘Liberty, then give me death.’ I can’t see how Americans can sink so low. It is Semitic, and I am sure of it.” – George S Patton a letter to his wife 1945
“Today we received orders . . . in which we were told to give the Jews special accommodations. If for Jews, why not Catholics, Mormons, etc? . . . We are also turning over to the French several hundred thousand prisoners of war to be used as slave labor in France. It is amusing to recall that we fought the Revolution in defense of the rights of man and the Civil War to abolish slavery and have now gone back on both principles.” – George S Patton diary entry 1945
“Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Bolsheviks) had I been allowed.” – George S Patton letter to his wife July 21, 1945
“There is a very apparent Semitic influence in the press. They are trying to do two things: first, implement communism, and second, see that all businessmen of German ancestry and non-Jewish antecedents are thrown out of their jobs. They have utterly lost the Anglo-Saxon conception of justice and feel that a man can be kicked out because somebody else says he is a Nazi. They were evidently quite shocked when I told them I would kick nobody out without the successful proof of guilt before a court of law . . .
“Another point which the press harped on was the fact that we were doing too much for the Germans to the detriment of the DP’s, most of whom are Jews. I could not give the answer to that one, because the answer is that, in my opinion and that of most nonpolitical officers, it is vitally necessary for us to build Germany up now as a buffer state against Russia. In fact, I am afraid we have waited too long.” – George S Patton diary entry September 22, 1945
“I will probably be in the headlines before you get this, as the press is trying to quote me as being more interested in restoring order in Germany than in catching Nazis. I can’t tell them the truth that unless we restore Germany we will insure that communism takes America.” – George S Patton letter to his wife September 22, 1945
“I have been just as furious as you at the compilation of lies which the communist and Semitic elements of our government have leveled against me and practically every other commander. In my opinion it is a deliberate attempt to alienate the soldier vote from the commanders, because the communists know that soldiers are not communistic, and they fear what eleven million votes (of veterans) would do.” – George S Patton letter to Maj. Gen. James G. Harbord October 22, 1945


AZL flag holder TransparentTalmudic JudaismForming the moral and social grounding for the worldwide Jewish community and integral to Jewish scholarship it is the Talmud that men study at Yeshivot (Jewish colleges) to become rabbis. Reported to be merely a commentary on the Tenakh (Old Testament) the Talmud actually supersedes the teachings held in the Tenakh. Meant to be a ‘holy’ book the Talmud has been denounced numerous times since Pablo Christiani in 1264. The Jews knew why and the Talmud itself even gave warning- To communicate to a Goy anything about our religious relations would be equal to killing all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly. Libbre David 37
Yet ‘teachings’ such as these have reached gentile ears-
Teachings of the TalmudJehovah created the Gentile in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The Gentile is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night. Midrash Talpioth p. 225-L
The Gentiles are not human they are beasts Baba Mazia 114b
All children of Goyim are animals Yebamoth 98a
Sexual intercourse between the Goyim is like intercourse between animals Sanhedrin 74b
A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat. Hadarine, 20, B, Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat
A Jew may violate but not marry a gentile girl Gad Shas 2:2
If you eat with a Goy it is the same as eating with a dog
Tospoth, Jebamoth 84b
A Jew is forbidden to drink from a glass of wine that a Gentile has touched because the touch has made the wine unclean.
Schulchan Aruch, Johre Deah 122

What Are They Hiding from Us?If a Jew finds an object lost by a Goy it does not have to be returned.
Baba Mazia 24a
What a Jew steals from a Goy he may keep Sanhedrin 57a
If a Jew kills a Goy there will be no death penalty Sanhedrin 57a
If a Goy hits a Jew he must be killed Sanhedrin 58b
Do not save the Goyim in danger of death. Show no mercy to the Goyim Hikkoth AkumX 1
Even the best of the Goyim should all be killed Soferim 15
A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them Szaaloth-Utszabot, The book of Jore Dia 17

More excerpts from Talmud – Stealthily for thousands of years it has been the objective of the Jew… “Jews v Gentile”!, and if a gentile defends himself from these anti humanity haters he is not “Jew savvy”!, he will be accused of being “anti Semitic” It is a Jew trick to shield their identity as they stealthily or openly wage war against all gentile.

“Only the Jews are humans, the Non-Jews are not humans, but cattle” (goyi= human cattle) [1] – Kerithuth 6b page 78, Jebhammoth 61a

“The Non-Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves” [2]
– Midrasch Talpioth 225

A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.- Sanhedrin 54b

“When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.” – Kethuboth 11b

“Sexual intercourse with a little girl is permitted if she is of three years of age.”
– Yebhamoth 11b

“Sexual intercourse with Non-Jews is like sexual intercourse with animals”
– Kethuboth 3b

“Whoever disobeys a Rabbi deserves death… Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell.”- Erubin 21b

“The birth-rate of the Non-Jews has to be suppressed massively” [3] – Zohar II, 4b

“Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal.” – Sanhedrin 59a

“Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed. – Abodah Zara

Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews. When a Jew murders a Gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may keep- Sanhedrin 57a

“Jews are Divine. If a heathen (Gentile) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God” – Sanhedrin 58b

“As you replace lost cows and donkeys, so you shall replace dead Non-Jews” [4] – Iore Dea 337,1

“To box an Israeli on the ear, is like to box on the ear of God” – Sanhedrin 58b

“God (Jahveh) is never angry about the Jews, just about the Non-Jews”
– Talmud IV / 8 / 4a

“The human (the Jew) has to pray every day three times, because Jahveh didn’t make him a goyim, not a female and not an ignorant” – Talmud V / 2 / 43b + 44a

“Towards a Non-Jew the Jew doesn’t cause an adultery… Punishable for the Jew is just the adultery towards his next, that means the wife of a Jew. The wife of the Non-Jew is excluded” – Talmud IV / 4 / 52b

“There is no wife for the goyim, they really aren’t their wives”
– Talmud IV / 4 / 81 + 82ab

“You (the Jews) have made me, Jahveh, the only true lord in the world, so I will make you the only ruler in the world”

“Who wants to be smart shall occupy himself with money matters, because there are no corner pillars in the Thora that are more important, because they are like a sparkling fountain” – Talmud IV / 3 / 173b

“Jews always have to try to deceive Non-Jews” [5] – Zohar I, 168a

“Non-Jewish property belongs to the Jew who uses it first” – Babba Bathra 54b

“If two Jews have deceived a Non-Jew, they have to split the profit” – Choschen Ham 183,7

“Every Jew is allowed to use lies and perjury to bring a Non-Jew to ruin” – Babba Kama 113a

“The possessions of the goyim are like an ownerless desert, and everybody (every Jew) who seizes it, has acquired it” – Talmud IV / 3 / 54b

“The Jew is allowed to exploit the mistake of a Non-Jew and to deceive him”
– Talmud IV / 1 / 113b

“The Jew is allowed to practice usury on the Non-Jew” [6] – Talmud IV / 2 / 70b

“When the Messiah comes, all will be slaves of the Jews” – Erubin 43b

“If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there” – Moed Kattan 17a

“Non-Jews are Not Human. Only Jews are human (“Only ye are designated men”) – Baba Mezia 114a-114b

O.K. to Cheat Non-Jews. A Jew need not pay a Gentile (“Cuthean”) the wages owed him for work – Sanhedrin 57a

“If an ox of an Israelite gores an ox of a Canaanite there is no liability; but if an ox of a Canaanite gores an ox of an Israelite…the payment is to be in full.” – Baba Kamma 37b

Jews May Steal from Non-Jews – Baba Mezia 24a If a Jew finds an object lost by a Gentile (“heathen”) it does not have to be returned – (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b)

God will not spare a Jew who “marries his daughter to an old man or takes a wife for his infant son or returns a lost article to a Cuthean…”- Sanhedrin 76a

Gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has “exposed their money to Israel.” – Baba Kamma 37b

Jews May Lie to Non-Jews. Jews may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile – Baba Kamma 113a

Non-Jewish Children Sub-Human. All Gentile children are animals
– Yebamoth 98a

Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth – Abodah Zarah 36b

Gentiles prefer sex with cows – Abodah Zarah 22a-22b

A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old). – Sanhedrin 55b

“The Non-Jews have to be avoided, even more than sick pigs”
– Orach Chaiim 57, 6a

“To communicate anything with a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

Religious Scriptures

AZL flag holder TransparentThis section covers the Jew in the field of religious scripture. While the first religion in Europe was pagan conversion to Christianity took place early so the primary scripture in the West is the Bible comprising the Old and New Testaments. It is critical to note that, while both materials speak of religious experience, a distinction is made between that which was religious scripture and myth. One is said to be ‘God given’, holy and consigned some kind of credibility and the other relegated to the plane of ‘fairy-tale’. Yet both speak of ‘gods’, ‘giants’ and greatly aged men the only difference appears in the origin. Relegated to myth is European and only credible religious scripture is Semitic makes the parasite ‘chosen’ in a host land. Furthering embedding himself the Jew has manipulated text in the Scofield Bible to endorse his ‘chosen’ status.

Jewish Supremacism

AZL flag holder TransparentBook openDavid Duke – Jewish Supremacism.pdf – “In 2002, Duke traveled to Eastern Europe to promote his book, Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question in Russia in 2003. The book examines and documents elements of ethnic supremacism that have existed in the Jewish community from historical to modern times.” The book is dedicated to Israel Shahak, a critical author of what Shahak saw as Jewish supremacist religious teachings and its expression in Jewish culture. Former Boris Yeltsin administration official and prominent far-right politician Boris Mironov wrote an introduction for the Russian edition, called “The Jewish Question Through the Eyes of an American.” The ADL office in Moscow urged the Moscow prosecutor to open an investigation of Mironov. The ADL office initiated a letter from a prominent Duma member to Russias Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov, urging a criminal case be opened against the author and the Russian publisher of Dukes book. The letter by Alexander Fedulov described the book as antisemitic and as violating Russian anti-hate crime laws. In December 2001, Prosecutor’s office closed the investigation of Boris Mironov and Jewish Supremacism. In a public letter, Yury Biryukov, First Deputy of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, stated that a socially-psychological examination, which was conducted as a part of the investigation, concluded that the book and the actions of Boris Mironov did not break Russian hate-crime laws. At one time, the book was sold in the main lobby of the building of Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament). The first printing of 5,000 copies sold out in several weeks. In 2004, the book was published in the United States. Originally published in English and Russian, the book has subsequently been translated internationally into Swedish, Ukrainian, Persian, Hungarian and most recently, Spanish.


Kevin Macdonald – Culture Of Critique.pdf – “In The Culture of Critique, Kevin MacDonald advances a carefully researched but extremely controversial thesis: that certain 20th century intellectual movements – largely established and led by Jews – have changed European societies in fundamental ways and destroyed the confidence of Western man. He claims that these movements were designed, consciously or unconsciously, to advance Jewish interests even though they were presented to non-Jews as universalistic and even utopian. He concludes that the increasing dominance of these ideas has had profound political and social consequences that benefited Jews but caused great harm to gentile societies. This analysis, which he makes with considerable force, is an unusual indictment of a people generally thought to be more sinned against than sinning. The Culture of Critique is the final title in Prof. MacDonald’s massive, three-volume study of Jews and their role in history. The two previous volumes are A People That Shall Dwell Alone and Separation and its Discontents, published by Praeger in 1994 and 1998. The series is written from a sociobiological perspective that views Judaism as a unique survival strategy that helps Jews compete with other ethnic groups. Prof. MacDonald, who is a psychologist at the University of California at Long Beach, explains this perspective in the first volume, which describes Jews as having a very powerful sense of uniqueness that has kept them socially and genetically separate from other peoples. The second volume traces the history of Jewish-gentile relations, and finds the causes of anti-Semitism primarily in the almost invariable commercial and intellectual dominance of gentile societies by Jews and in their refusal to assimilate. The Culture of Critique brings his analysis into the present century, with an account of the Jewish role in the radical critique of traditional culture. The intellectual movements Prof. MacDonald discusses in this volume are Marxism, Freudian psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt school of sociology, and Boasian anthropology. Perhaps most relevant from a racial perspective, he also traces the role of Jews in promoting multi-culturalism and Third World immigration. Throughout his analysis Prof. MacDonald reiterates his view that Jews have promoted these movements as Jews and in the interests of Jews, though they have often tried to give the impression that they had no distinctive interests of their own. Therefore Prof. MacDonald’s most profound charge against Jews is not ethnocentrism but dishonesty – that while claiming to be working for the good of mankind they have often worked for their own good and to the detriment of others. While attempting to promote the brotherhood of man by dissolving the ethnic identification of gentiles, Jews have maintained precisely the kind of intense group solidarity they decry as immoral in others”.


Book openHenry Ford – The International Jew.pdf – “This book presents a series of articles written by henry Ford and published by the Dearborn Independent Press in 1920 which the Jewish banking elites, who run America’s Shadow Government (which selects Presidents, manipulates the election process and pulls all the strings of power in politics, finance and society behind the scenes) don’t want you to know about and would suppress, if they could.”


Book openArchibald Henry Maule RamsayThe Nameless war.pdf is a short book on revolutions in Europe caused by Jews and Jewish international bankers. It also explains the hidden events and causes of World War 2 and international hostility to Germany. “A side of history not seen in history books”.

Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay was educated at Eton and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and served with the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards in the First World War until he was severely wounded in 1916 – thereafter at Regimental H.Q. and the War Office and the British War Mission in Paris until the end of the war.

From 1920 he became a Member of H.M. Scottish Bodyguard.

In 1931 he was elected a Member of Parliament for Midlothian and Peeblesshire.

Arrested under Regulation 18b on the 23rd May, 1940, he was detained, without charge or trial, in a cell in Brixton Prison until the 26th September, 1944. On the following morning he resumed his seat in the House of Commons and remained there until the end of that Parliament in 1945.


AZL flag holder TransparentKosher SlaughterhouseKosher is that which conform to the regulations of kashrut (Jewish dietary law). Food that may be consumed according to halakha (Jewish law) is termed kosher in English, from the Ashkenazi pronunciation of the Hebrew term kashér (כָּשֵׁר), meaning “fit”. Food that is not in accordance with Jewish law is called treif (Yiddish: טרײף or treyf, derived from Hebrew טְרֵפָה trāfáh). Animals are only considered ‘kosher’ if they are slaughtered barbarically in a particularly cruel fashion known as Jewish ritual slaughter. Any mixture of meat and milk, wine or grape juice (and their derivatives) produced by gentiles is also considered treif. Many Christians buy Kosher foods with the impression that Kosher is based on the biblical dietary laws which can be seen especially in Leviticus 11. However, the truth is that the kosher system is based on the Talmud which insults Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. A further deception claims that the ‘Kosher’ mark is quality insurance even though kosher products are usually filled with GMO products. This implies a marketing technique to spread the GMO products of international Jewish conglomerates even more probable considering the kosher tax. This refers to money paid by food producers to Jewish certification programmes in order to have their food classified as conforming to Jewish dietary standards, and the corresponding significant increase in price passed on to consumers. Profits from the kosher tax support Jewish organizations and food producers who refuse to impose this tax are labelled “anti-Semitic“. New laws in 2014, also require the government to stockpile kosher food for national emergencies.


AZL flag holder TransparentThe central theme of the Feminist branch of Jewish Zio-Marxism is the ‘Authoritarian Personality’ a construct produced by Daniel Levinson in collaboration with Theodor W. Adorno and Else Frenkel-Brunswik. While Levinson and his Jewish colleagues formulated the main component of the “authoritarian personality” as susceptibility “to anti-Semitic ideology and anti-democratic political beliefs” (also see Chutzpah) the Feminist branch of Jewish Zio-Marxism uses it to replace ‘masculinity’ thus making man’s natural leadership quality ‘hostility’. This opposes man and women’s innate natures and strives to drive a wedge between them. Here transposing man’s qualities of virility and protection with hostility and violence renders man and maleness impotent in the face of a feminised society. Thus male virility or white man has been ‘castrated’ under the fiction of subduing his ‘violent nature’.