AZL flag holder TransparentWelcome to the Scrapbook. Initially introduced as a short explanatory word repository or dictionary it has necessarily expanded into more of an encyclopedia. This occurred as site researchers encountered the systematic and fundamentally corrupt current purveying every element of the environment. Claiming to be ‘unbiased’ information at every level has a Jewish Zio-Marxist slant. Indeed the very nature of our language has been corrupted. Under these conditions the meanings that historically racially homogeneous societies took for granted have been subverted and utilised against the European (Aryan) race. It is also usual for the salient facts on a character or incident to be surrounded with irrelevant information and is never collated by Zio-Marxist sites no doubt utilised to prevent a cohesive picture. Thus the Scrapbook was formed as an ever growing encyclopedia of coherent information to combat Jewish Zio-Marxist inversion. Although it is possible to browse the menus manually the best way to use the Scrapbook is the search function that can be found on our main or home page. Therefore, if you have a query be it a character, incident or issue the Scrapbook should be your first port of call.

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