Melville J. Herskovits

Melville Jean Herskovits (September 10th, 1895 – February 25th, 1963) was a Jewish pseudo-anthropologist who convinced American academia that African and African-America was a legitimate field of study. Born in Bellefontaine, Ohio to Jewish itinerants from Eastern European and married to the Jewess Frances (Shapiro) Herskovits, also a pseudo-anthropologist, Herskovits earning his MA. and PhD. in Anthropology from Columbia University under the leadership of the Jew Franz Boas. Following his apparently extensive research among the dark races that began in 1928, Herskovits deliberately chose America to found the first major program advocating ‘African studies’ with vast funds meant for the education of Caucasian children including funds hijacked from the Ford Foundation, created in 1936 by Edsel Ford and Henry Ford. Meanwhile, he emphasized race as a social concept and helped forge the concept of cultural relativism.

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