AZL flag holder TransparentThe central theme of the Feminist branch of Jewish Zio-Marxism is the ‘Authoritarian Personality’ a construct produced by Daniel Levinson in collaboration with Theodor W. Adorno and Else Frenkel-Brunswik. While Levinson and his Jewish colleagues formulated the main component of the “authoritarian personality” as susceptibility “to anti-Semitic ideology and anti-democratic political beliefs” (also see Chutzpah) the Feminist branch of Jewish Zio-Marxism uses it to replace ‘masculinity’ thus making man’s natural leadership quality ‘hostility’. This opposes man and women’s innate natures and strives to drive a wedge between them. Here transposing man’s qualities of virility and protection with hostility and violence renders man and maleness impotent in the face of a feminised society. Thus male virility or white man has been ‘castrated’ under the fiction of subduing his ‘violent nature’.

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