AZL flag holder TransparentFemen in DresdenFEMEN is a particularly vulgar ‘radical’ feminist group founded in Ukraine in 2008 and now based in Paris. Italian magazine Il Foglio identified a Jewish businessman based in America called Jed Sunden as a key funder of FEMEN. Therefore, it is no great surprise to find on its official website terms like ‘sextremism’. A construct that could easily have been lifted from perverted Jewish sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld. Like all feminist groups it turns the sexes against each other through the myth of patriarchy but has exhibited a specific hatred of the church. FEMEN also supports abortion and sexual perversion (homosexuality and gay marriage) and has pledged to fight the sex industry clearly by prostituting itself freely through the streets of Europe. In fact this is closer to the truth for it has been discovered that most of them actually are prostitutes recruited from the porn industry and the activists receive a healthy salary for their lurid antics.  Femen Cuts Down Kiev CrossThe fact that FEMEN relocated to the centre of France a predominantly Catholic country highlights that the obscene, lewd and irreverent behaviour is meant to push European sensibilities to the limit.

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