Herbert Marcuse

AZL flag holder TransparentHerbert Marcuse (19 July 1898 — 29 July 1979) was a Jewish Communist propagandist and agitator born in Germany. Like Horkheimer he was a member of the Frankfurt School and involved in the creation of Marxist critical theory Marcuse was a father of Cultural Marxism. He proposed a Judaic subversion of the universities, where Jewish Marxist professors could take advantage of the newly affluent lower middle-classes; brainwashing them into self-loathing subversives, primarily through sociology and literary studies. This dropped completely the Marxist facade of pretending to stand for the working-class, proposing that society could be overthrown by manipulating students and the dark races (such as the Black Panthers). The best known propaganda works by Marcuse are Eros and Civilization, One-Dimensional Man and The Aesthetic Dimension.

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