Bela Kun (Kohen)

AZL flag holder TransparentBéla Kun (1886–1938), born Béla Kohn, was a Jewish terrorist and Sexual Bolshevik who led the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919. Béla Kohn, later known as Béla Kun, was born on 20 February 1886 in the village of Lele, located near Szilágycseh, Transylvania, Austria-Hungary (today Lelei, Romania). His father was Jewish. Béla changed his birth surname, Kohn, to Kun in 1904, although the almanac of the University of Kolozsvár still referred to him in print by his former name as late as 1909. There is no archival evidence as to if the name was the legally changed. In 1918 Kun started detailed plans for exporting Communism to Hungary. Kun was the dominant personality in the Hungarian Soviet Republic, the second Communist government in Europe after Russia government during its brief existence. He along with Gyorgy Lukacs launched an explosive sex education program in Hungary called ‘Culture Terrorism’ later to be known as Sexual Bolshevism. This is the origin of ‘sex education’ delivered to children in classroom activity currently imposed proving that it is a deliberate policy to undermine Europe. This can be substantiated by the fact that Sexpol was founded in Berlin in 1931 by the Jewish agitator Wilhelm Reich a Sexual Bolshevist and Cultural Marxist ideological subversion unit similar in form to the work of Bela Kun.

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