Gyorgy Lukacs

AZL flag holder TransparentGyörgy Lukács (13 April 1885 – 4 June 1971) was a Jewish Marxist philosopher and Sexual Bolshevik. He departed from the Marxist ideological orthodoxy of the Jewish Bolsheviks and was a founder interpretive Marxist tradition that infiltrated Western Europe. Georg Lukács was born Löwinger György Bernát, in Budapest, Hungary, to the investment banker József Löwinger (later Szegedi Lukács József; 1855–1928) and his wife Adele Wertheimer (Wertheimer Adél; 1860–1917) a wealthy Jewish family. He was a committed Marxist and joined the fledgling Communist Party of Hungary in 1918. In May 1919 during the Hungarian Soviet Republic Lukács was a commissar of the Fifth Division of the Hungarian Red Army, in which capacity he ordered executions in Poroszlo. Lukacs along with Kun, launched an explosive sex education program in Hungary called ‘Culture Terrorism’ later to be known as Sexual Bolshevism. Lukacs wanted to launch a cultural war against Western Freedom and his first act was targeting 1st grade children with Marxist doctrine and sex education classes. While in its crudest form this is the seed of ‘sex education’ delivered to children in classroom activity currently imposed proving that it is a deliberate policy to undermine Europe. This can be substantiated by the fact that Sexpol was founded in Berlin in 1931 by the Jewish agitator Wilhelm Reich a Sexual Bolshevist and Cultural Marxist ideological subversion unit similar in form to the work of Bela Kun.
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