Samuel Roth

AZL flag holder TransparentSamuel Roth (1893 – July 3, 1974) was a Jewish publisher and prolific writer and distributer of obscene and pornographic material. According to his autobiography, Stone Walls Do Not, Roth was born in 1893 in Nustscha, in the Carpathian Mountains of Galicia. He immigrated with his family to the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1897. From 1928 through to 1961 Roth was incarcerated multiple times for distributing strictly banned pornography and other obscene material. Roth was also responsible for the liberalizing First Amendment decisions of the 1960s as plaintiff in Roth v. United States (1957).  A landmark case before the United States Supreme Court which redefined the Constitutional test for determining what constitutes obscene material unprotected by the First Amendment. His lesser known ‘accomplishment’- Jews Must Live: An Account of the Persecution of the World by Israel on All the Frontiers of Civilization-dialectical device very much equivalent to a Jewish version of Scott Robert’s ‘I’m an anti-Semite’ that picks up all the straw arguments, makes them appear plausible then has the last laugh. This is the nature of the Jew.

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