AZL flag holder TransparentBabylon before HitlerThe German Federal Association for Proletarian Sexual Politics or SEXPOL was a Sexual Bolshevist and Cultural Marxist ideological subversion unit, founded in Berlin during 1931 by the Jewish agitator Wilhelm Reich as an official sub-section of the Communist Party of Germany. The ideological roots of the organisation emerged out of a synthesis of Freud and Marx, amongst Jewish psychoanalysts in Europe. The political agenda of SEXPOL was the abolition of laws against abortion and homosexuality, subversion of marriage and divorce laws, free-birth control advice and contraceptives, mothers encouraged to work in factories so children would be raised during the day in state-ideological nurseries, as well as the abolition of laws prohibiting sexual indoctrination of children at school. The obvious political intention behind this being of long-term “value” to the Jewish communists; weakening the family unit, cheapening the meaningfulness of sexual relations between man and woman (discouraging healthy, long-term relationships) and above all demographic genocide against the nation, by encouraging the birth of less children.

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