Hilary Koprowski

Hilary Koprowski (5th December 1916 – 11th April 2013) was a Jewish virologist and immunologist active in the United States responsible for concealing the AIDS pandemic in live polio vaccines he had devised. Koprowski was born in Warsaw to a Jewish family. Following WWII Koprowski settled in Pearl River, New York, where he was hired as a researcher for Lederle Laboratories, the pharmaceutical division of American Cyanamid. Here he began his polio experiments. Koprowski devised the AIDS pandemic from live polio vaccines prepared in chimpanzee tissue cultures and then administered it to up to one million Africans between 1957 and 1960 in experimental mass vaccination campaigns. Koprowski formulation of the AIDS pandemic was revealed in Rolling Stone but an outcry from the largely Jewish medical community allowed Koprowski to ‘win’ a defamation suit against the magazine; an award of $1 in damages only confirming what credence should be given to his tribe.

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