Archibald Maule Ramsay

AZL flag holder TransparentCaptain Archibald Henry Maule Ramsay (4th May 1894 – 11th March 1955) was a British Army officer who later went into politics as a Scottish Unionist Member of Parliament (MP). After the Spanish Civil War broke out, Ramsay became a strong supporter of the Nationalists under Franco, and in the early months of the war he objected in Parliament to bias in BBC news reports on Spain, and pointed to links between Spanish ‘Republicans’ and the Jewish Bolsheviks who had seized Russia. In the House of Commons Ramsay was the main critic of allowing Jews into the government as this tribe sort its own interests at the expense of the British people. In 1938 Ramsay became aware of a plan to hold a conference in London organised by the ‘International Federation of Freethinkers’. He denounced this in Parliament as a “Godless Conference” operated by a Moscow-based organisation. On 28th June 1938 Ramsey introduced a Private Member’s Bill the “Aliens Restriction (Blasphemy) Bill”. He won the vote by 165 to 134. A bill such as this would have prohibited conference attendees from entering Britain yet it went no further indicating heavy manipulation by Jewish interests to further Bolshevik activities. Also that year Ramsey began a campaign to have Leslie Hore-Belisha sacked as Secretary of War. In one speech on 27th April he warned that Hore-Belisha would lead Britain to war with our blood-brothers of the Nordic race in order to make way for a Bolshevised Europe, a speech that turned out to be highly prophetic. The Right Club was set up by the Captain a few months before the war in May 1939 “to oppose and expose the activities of Organised Jewry”. In meetings chaired by the Duke of Wellington it sought to influence government policy to stop war with Germany.

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