The Britons

The Britons was an English nationalist organisation founded in London July 1919 by Henry Hamilton Beamish. Beamish wrote The Britons’ constitution and the group was launched at a meeting of 14 people chaired by John Henry Clarke. The group held monthly meetings in London and launched its own publishing imprint The Judaic Publishing Company Ltd. It published pamphlets and disseminated information on the gravity of Jewish influence. In August 1922 The Judaic Publishing Company Ltd was renamed the Britons Publishing Company. Then in 1932 it became Britons Publishing Society and in its history printed eighty five editions of the Protocols and similar materials until the 1970s. In March 1919 Beamish accused Sir Alfred Mond (1st Baron Melchett), a politician in the British Parliament of Jewish extraction of being a traitor to England in light of his clear Jewish interests. Already displaying an obvious Jewish agenda the system fined Beamish £5,000 pounds. However, instead of paying the fine Beamish left the country and only returned for brief visits. While Beamish remained President of the Briton’s organisation fell to John Henry Clarke, a homeopath who served as Chairman and Vice-President and with Beamish largely out of the picture the organisation was open to corruption. Indeed the group now acquiesced membership to those who could prove English blood only up to grandparent level and was why Beamish became disaffected with The Britons in the United Kingdom and now endorsed the work of Arnold Spencer Leese and his group Imperial Fascist League.

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