Pope Pius XII

AZL flag holder TransparentPope Pius XII was born Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli (2nd March 1876 – 9th October 1958) and reigned from 2nd March 1939 to his death in 1958. Pope Benedict XV appointed Pacelli as nuncio (ecclesiastical diplomat) to Bavaria on 23rd April 1917, consecrating him as titular Bishop of Sardis and immediately elevating him to archbishop in the Sistine Chapel on 13th May 1917. After his consecration, Eugenio Pacelli left for Bavaria. As there was no nuncio to Prussia or Germany at the time, Pacelli was, for all practical purposes, the nuncio to all of the German Empire. Pacelli conveyed the Bavarian Soviet Republic thus “the scene was indescribable [-] the confusion totally chaotic [-] in the midst of all this, a gang of young women, of dubious appearance, Jews like the rest of them hanging around [-] the boss of this female rabble was Levien’s mistress, a young Russian woman, a Jew and a divorcée [-] and it was to her that the nunciature was obliged to pay homage in order to proceed [-] Levien is a young man, also Russian and a Jew. Pale, dirty, with drugged eyes, vulgar, repulsive …” It was clear that in 1917 Pacelli was conscious of the Jewish nature of Bolshevism and its tyrannical impact on Bavaria. Pope Pius XI died on 10th February 1939. Pacelli’s diplomatic experience, especially with Germany was one of the deciding factors in his election to the Papalcy on 2nd March 1939, his 63rd birthday. His coronation took place on 12th March 1939. While the Vatican insists on its neutrality during WWII Jewish propaganda never fails to propagate the Churches supposed rescue of Jewish ‘victims’. Even Pope Pius XII has not escaped this slander. However, much more recently an Argentinean journalist named Uki Goñi accidentally stumbled on concealed documents in the British Foreign Office regarding the involvement of Vatican personnel in the smuggling of National Socialists– the post-war “ratlines“. Goñi discovered that the British Envoy D’Arcy Osborne had intervened with Pope Pius XII to put an end to these activities. Furthermore, he discovered “that the Pope secretly pleaded with Washington and London on behalf of National Socialists and their supporters“. This revelation adds further weight to the notion that since WWII Jewish interests have been utterly transposing the truth. It is also exceptionally conspicuous that while mainstream (Jewish) media documents the persecution of the Catholic Church under National Socialism on hearing of his death said church held a requiem mass for Adolf Hitler.

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