Linguistics & Philology

AZL flag holder TransparentAryan treePhilology and linguistics involve the study of language through written historical sources and the scientific study of language in terms of form, meaning, and context. Comparative linguistics (originally comparative philology) is a branch of linguistics that is concerned with comparing languages to establish their historical relatedness. The Genetic relatedness of tribal groups implies a common origin or proto-language and comparative linguistics has constructed ‘language families’ from associated languages. In fact philological research has clearly established that the Sanskrit language, with its old and modern descendants, represents the easternmost branch of the great Indo-European, or Aryan, stock. It is through its manipulation that the Jew has corrupted the meaning of language and inverted historical concepts and symbols of the European people. Thus those using the emblems and regalia of National Socialist and Fascist organizations to expose Marxist dogma are woefully ignorant and spreading black propaganda. Either way they are part of the Jewish Zionist agenda.
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