AZL flag holder Transparentladino-migrationBased around Hebrew and Aramaic vocabulary Ladino was concocted from a mixture of different Romance dielects of the Iberian Peninsula including old Spanish, Aragonese, Astur-Leonese, Catalan, Galician-Portuguese, and Mozarabic. It also contains elements of Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Bulgarian and Serbo-Croat indicating that this Jewish language is as mongrelised as the Jewish tribe themselves. The Rashi script a semi-cursive typeface for the Hebrew alphabet, and its cursive form Solitreo has been the main orthographies for writing Ladino. Ladino is also locally known by many different names, major ones being: Espanyol (Español), Judío, Judesmo, Sefardí and Haketia. Ladino truly defines the parasitic appropriation taking place as a variety of Nations across the globe played host to this tribe.
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