Noam Chomsky

AZL flag holder TransparentAvram Noam Chomsky, (born December 7th, 1928) described as the “father of modern linguistics”, is a Jewish linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, political agitator, and anarchist. Born to a middle-class Jewish family in Philadelphia, both of his parents were Jews from Lithuanian. The family regularly discussed Jewish Zionism and Chomsky developed an early interest in anarchism from relatives in New York City. He later undertook studies in linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. The basis to Chomsky’s linguistic theory is that the principles underlying the structure of language are biologically determined in the human mind and hence genetically transmitted. He therefore argues that all humans share the same underlying linguistic structure, irrespective of socio-cultural difference. This Universalist approach denies hereditary differences and supports the destruction of specifically white racial groups through global dispersion.

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