Sándor Ferenczi

Sándor Ferenczi (7th July 1873 – 22nd May 1933) was a Jewish psychoanalyst and a close associate of Sigmund Freud. The initial line of thought for Object relations theory emerged in 1917 with Ferenczi. Born Sándor Fränkel in Miskolc, Austria-Hungary to Baruch Fränkel and Rosa Eibenschütz, both Jews born in Poland. He later changed his surname to Ferenczi to sound more Hungarian. As a result of his psychiatric work, Ferenczi came to believe that his patients’ accounts of sexual abuse as children were truthful developing what he termed the “confusion of tongues” theory of trauma. Here during a common game, the daughter offers the father the role of her husband and wants him to sleep with her just as he sleeps with her mother. The father misinterprets this childish offer, and touches his daughter in an inappropriate manner while they are in bed together. Ferenczi conceived that the persistent traumatic effect of chronic overstimulation, deprivation, or empathic failure during childhood would cause neurotic, character, borderline and psychotic disorders sowing the seeds of sexual Bolshevism with the notion of enforcing paraphilia’s on children.

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