Sigmund Freud

AZL flag holder Transparentsigmund fraudSigismund Schlomo Freud (6 May 1856 – 23 September 1939), better known as Sigmund Freud, was a Jewish pseudoscientist who founded psychoanalysis, a method that convinces Europeans that they are unpleasant and require treatment. Freud is also known for his falsification of sexual desire as the primary motivational energy of human life. He also believed people’s entire psychology would be caused by them being Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolutionfixated on certain stages as he claimed, such as being fixated on the anus, which he called the “anal stage”. Freud’s youngest daughter, Anna also a psychoanalyst, was very likely a lesbian and lived with her close friend Dorothy Burlingham, daughter of Louis Comfort Tiffany, for years.

freudThe basis of contemporary Cultural Marxism, espoused by the Jews of the Frankfurt School is largely due to a synthesis of Marx and Freud. The ideology of Sexual Bolshevism, promoted by Jews like Wilhelm Reich through SEXPOL and Magnus Hirschfeld at the so-called Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, owes much to Freud.


“It is an unforgivable mistake for us to take as generally valid the results of Jewish psychology. No one would consider Chinese psychology to be valid for us.” – Carl Gustav Jung the Swiss founder of analytical psychology

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