Manhattan Project

Under the direction of the Jew J Robert Oppenheimer the Manhattan Project was a Jewish scheme undertaken during WWII that designed and built the first nuclear weapons. The actual bombs were Oppenheimer’s design and using the Jewish dialectic that the scheme was top secret US weapons research rather than a Jewish plot it was closely aligned with Jewish Bolsheviks spying for the USSR (atomic spies). The Jew Bruno Pontecorvo, a known communist and soviet sympathiser, was the conduit supplying the atomic secrets. In fact the science of atomic radiation, atomic change and nuclear fission was being developed from 1895 and the concept was overall to produce steam and turn turbines to generate cheap electricity. It was only prior to another attack against Caucasian Europe in August 1939 that the Jews, specifically in the form of Leo Szilard, Eugene Wigner and Edward Teller, exploited other hideous outcomes. Also a Jew the lying plagiarist Einstein needed no ‘convincing’ when lending his ‘fame’ to the proposed destruction of Europe. The EinsteinSzilard letter lead to the Manhattan Project ultimately resulted in the creation of the nuclear bomb which the Jew Robert Oppenheimer wanted to drop on a European country. It is also crucial to note that it is this scheme that began the weapons race of the ‘Cold War’ another Jewish dialectic between Jewish Bolshevik seized Eastern Europe and the post 1945 Jewish conquered West. The list of Jews who actively formulated and initiated the Manhattan Project only confirms this tribes destructive tendencies.

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