Bruno Pontecorvo

Bruno Pontecorvo (22nd August 1913 – 24th September 1993) was a Communist Jew and Atomic Spy who joined the Tube Alloys team later to become part of the Manhattan Project, the Jewish scheme to develop the first atomic bomb. He defected to Bolshevik Russia in 1950. Pontecorvo was born in Marina di Pisa, the fourth of eight children to Jewish parents Massimo Pontecorvo and his wife Maria nee Maroni. His older brother Guido, who was born in 1907, became a manipulator of genetics. He moved to Paris in 1934, where he joined the French Communist Party, as did his sisters Giuliana and Laura and brother Gillo. In April 1942, Pontecorvo he met with the Jew George Placzek working on the Manhattan Project which resulted in Pontecorvo receiving an offer from Placzek to join the Tube Alloys team, later to become part of the Manhattan Project. The known Communist and Soviet sympathizer Pontecorvo was officially appointed to Tube Alloys on 15th January 1943, and arrived in Montreal with his family on 7th February 1943. Pontecorvo’s second son was born on 20 March 1944, and was named Tito after the Yugoslavian communist mass murder. Nevertheless is was not until February 1950 and the arrest of Klaus Fuchs that Pontecorvo was considered a security risk and recommended be moved to a position where he did not have access to Top Secret material. On 1st September 1950, in the middle of a holiday in Italy, Pontecorvo abruptly flew from Rome to Stockholm with his wife and three sons without informing friends or relatives. On 2nd September he was helped by Bolshevik agents to enter the Soviet Union from Finland. In the USSR Pontecorvo was welcomed with honours never denying that he was a spy. While Pontecorvo died in Dubna, Russia on 24th September 1993 half his ashes were buried in the protestant cemetery in Rome in accordance with his wishes only confirming how contrived the notion of ‘democracy’ is.

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