Hans Bethe

Hans Albrecht Bethe (July 2, 1906 – March 6, 2005) was a the Jewish head of the Theoretical Division at the secret Los Alomos laboratory which developed the first atomic bombs during World War II. After the war, Bethe also played an important role in the development of the Hydrogen bomb. Bethe was born in Strasbourg, which was then part of Germany, to Jewish mother Anna (née Kuhn) and Albrecht Bethe. When the Second World War broke out Bethe collaborated with his fellow Jew Edward Teller. In July 1942, he participated in a series of meetings at the invitation of Jew Robert Oppenheimer, which discussed the first designs for the atomic bomb. Along with the Jew Richard Feynman, he developed a formula for calculating the bomb’s explosive yield. After the war Bethe signed up and played a key role in the development of Hydrogen bomb.

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