Richard Feynman

Richard Phillips Feynman, (May 11th, 1918 – February 15th, 1988) was a Jew who assisted in the Jewish scheme to design and build the first atomic bomb during WWII. Born to Jewish parents Lucille (nee Phillips) and Melville Arthur Feynman originally squatting in Minsk, Belarus (then part of the Russian Empire). Feynman was raised in Queens, New York. Feynman was recruited in 1941 to work on means to produce enriched uranium for use in the atomic bomb. By 1943 Feynman was part of Robert Oppenheimer’s Los Alamos Laboratory, a secret laboratory on a mesa in New Mexico where atomic bombs would be designed and built. Here he was assigned to Hans Bethe’s Theoretical (T) Division. He and Bethe developed the Bethe-Feynman formula for calculating the yield of a fission bomb, which built upon previous work by the Jew Robert Serber.

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