Richard Lewontin

AZL flag holder TransparentRichard Charles “Dick” Lewontin (born March 29th, 1929) is a Jewish evolutionary biologist and Harvard geneticists most recognised for initiating the hypothesis that race is a social construct. Lewontin was born in New York City to parents descended from Jewish immigrants born in Eastern Europe. In 1972 Lewontin stated that racial classification “is now seen to be of virtually no genetic or taxonomic significance” providing Jewish created Marxism with an axiom to physically destroy the natural racial composition of Europe. While logical physiological reason should have decried this claim at the time and by 2005 it was well documented that Lewontin’s statement was incorrect, geneticists and forensic scientists took up to 30 years before they could conduct statistical analysis of genetic markers in order to see whether clusters correlated with commonly identified racial groups. In fact evidence would substantiate that the Jewish geneticist Lewontin made the claim in order that Marxist Zionism could use pseudoscience to sure up their politically correct regime given that systematic analysis of genetic markers demonstrates the biological reality of race.

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