Beatrix Potter

Martha Beatrice Webb (née Potter; 22nd January 1858 – 30th April 1943), famous author of children’s books under the pseudonym Beatrix, was an English sociologist, economist, and Marxist who with her husband the Jewish Bolshevik Sidney Webb helped found the London School of Economics and was a founder member of the Marxist Fabien Society. Born in Standish House in the village of Standish, Gloucestershire to businessman Richard Potter and Laurencina Heyworth, a Liverpool merchant’s daughter Beatrice married Sidney Webb in 1892. Her father had died the same year leaving the newly wed Potter an endowment of £1,000 pounds a year. Webb nee Potter now had a private income for life with which to support Sidney Webb in his subversive activities. Consequently the Webbs were founder members of the Marxist Fabian Society and in 1895 it was the Fabian Society that presented the financing for the London School of Economics. Beatrice Webb also co-authored books and pamphlets on Marxism, including the History of Trade Unionism (1894) and Industrial Democracy (1897). Like her husband Webb was an avid supporter of the Bolshevik regime until her death, even after the Holodomor Genocides of 1921-23 and 1932-33 even collaborating with her husband on his Soviet Communism: A New Civilisation? (1935) following a 2 month trip to the Bolshevik construct in 1932 and The Truth About Soviet Russia (1942). Webb would even denounce Malcolm Muggeridge as “curiously hysterical” in her diary on 29th March 1933.

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