Monogenism or sometimes monogenesis, the notion of a common decent for all human species, is an attack on two fronts. As a Bible-based theory it is central to the 3 monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the belief that all humans are descended from Adam. This instantly sets limits on the academic exploring the scientific field. A perfect example is the use of biblical terminology in any anthropological field of study. Ham Shem and Japhet are the 3 sons of Noah. Genesis Chapter 5 relates an entire genealogy that connects Noah back to Adam. While an uninterrupted thread exists from Adam through Shem, following the flood Genesis 9:18-27 describes the possible sodomy by Ham of his father and the ensuing curse upon Hamitic (Canaan) line. Therefore, when combined with linguistic studies, Biblical terminology for race: Semitic, Hamitic and Japhetic provided the Jew a perfect opportunity to incite dominion over the Caucasian. It is also fascinating to note that Biblical monogenism played a decisive role in manufacturing an ‘African-American’ literature critical in supporting Afrocentrism as a legitimate concept.
The materialistic perspective is based on Evolutionary biology’s contention that the physical evolutionary processes produced diversity of life on Earth starting from a single common ancestor. Just as with Darwin’s theory of evolution from which this monogenism germinated, what is being proposed here is largely an infinite regression. Over a vast expanse of time this converges into one progenitor, which too winks out of existence leaving the ‘nothing’ from which materialists ‘something’ will come. Crucially unproven using scientific methodology the consequence of this particular piece of pseudo-science has left scientific enquiry bound by the intrinsically Afrocentric ‘out of Africa’ construct.
Again just as with the theory of evolution, only delivered as fact within the last 3 decades, it is remarkable just how far vocal ‘nationalists’ will allow Jewish Zio-Marxists to go with their pseudo-scientific claims without proven scientific methodology to secure their case. After all was it not these ‘scientists’ who condemn German science of the WWII period as pseudo-science in the same breath as informing the mass that they were 15 if not 30 years more advanced than the so called ‘allies’.

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