Ralph Miliband

AZL flag holder TransparentRalph Miliband & Hashomer HatzairRalph Miliband (born Adolphe Miliband; 7 January 1924 – 21 May 1994) was a Jewish sociologist born in Belgium described as “one of the best known academic Marxists of his generation”. Miliband, whose father Samuel fought under the command of Trotsky eliminating white Russians opposed to Bolshevism made a personal commitment to the cause of Communism at the grave of Karl Marx and is buried in the same graveyard as his hero. During his early years he was active in a variety of communist groups and in January 1943 was elected Vice President of the LSE Students’ Union. Miliband later published several books subverting socialist politics with internationalist Marxist theory such as Parliamentary Socialism (1961) and Marxism and Politics (1977).

“The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world . . . you sometimes want them almost to lose (the war) to show them how things are.” – Ralph Miliband

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