Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas (born Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie 24th July 1802 – 5th December 1870), a contemporary of Karl Marx, was a pre-kalergi plant to lend support to the fiction that people of colour had abilities beyond their capacity. Dumas depended on numerous assistants and ghost writers, of whom Auguste Maquet was the best known. It was not until the late twentieth century that his role was fully understood. Maquet even took Dumas to court to try to get authorial recognition for his work. He was only successful in getting more money, but not credit. The collaboration with Dumas ended in 1851 after which Dumas’ output severely waned. Yet Maquet went on to produce a large solo body of work in terms of historical romances, plays and an opera. Nevertheless, the myth of Dumas as a prolific writer in his own right is perpetuated Jewish Zio-Marxism even to the extent of having his ashes re-interred at the mausoleum of the Panthéon of Paris, where many actual French literary heroes are buried.

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