H. G Wells

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Herbert George Wells (21st September 1866 – 13th August 1946)—known as H. G. Wells—was a prolific English writer in many genres, including the novel, history, politics, and social commentary, and textbooks and rules for war games. A founding member of the Marxist Fabian Society he is now best remembered for his highly Kabbalistic (Masonic) science fiction novels such as The Time Machine (1895), which proposes the inevitability of the master (Morlock) slave (Eloi) dynamic and the futility of humanity; a vision suspiciously close to that proposed by current Marxian lead environmental scientists, and The War of the Worlds (1898) in which Wells bizarrely makes reference to a crowd fleeing from an alien gas attack with the number 6million seeking refuge in “a sickle-shaped curve” that can only be symbolic of Communism. Serial adulterer, Wells social life espoused the sexual Bolshevism coined by Ludwig Hoppe in 1921. Wells was heavily involved in the wording for the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights prior to his death in late 1946 and Kalergi is now known as the ‘father of the European Union, the Jewish B’nai B’rith being his original financial support. Wells and the homosexual Churchill ‘s close personal relationship began in 1902 when they met at the House of Commons. Ivan Maisky, the Soviet ambassador to London between 1932 and 1943 quoted Churchill as stating “Better Communism than Nazism!”. Fabian Marxist and wife of Sidney Webb, famous author Beatrice (Beatrix) Potter noted that while not typical of the British ruling elite Churchill is not a true Englishman, you know. He has Negro blood”. Kalergi’s relationship with Wells extends back to 1925 when they met in London. Churchill, Wells and Kalergi shared a fascination with dreams of the future (bastardisation of Europe). Wells visited Russia 3 times in 1914 not long before the Bolshevik seizure, in 1920 when he met Lenin and 1934 when he met Stalin. For both interviews he used the same formula in which he apparently arrives with negative ideas of the Communist murders and leaves with positive impressions. Of Lenin Wells reported “an amazing little man” with a “pleasant, quick-changing, brownish face, with a lively smile “ and Stalin “I have never met a man more candid, fair and honest”. In fact now known to have been a double agent for both the Bolsheviks and British intelligence, Moura Budberg’s affair with Wells consolidated his affiliations with both communist leaders. Indeed “from Wells’ suppressed letters it’s clear that…he knew about it” In 1935 Wells began an affair with the Jewess Martha Ellis Gellhorn who would later marry the famous author and now known NKVD agent Ernest Hemingway. During WWII, in a highly vitriolic pamphlet entitled Crux Ansata (1944), H.G Wells also urged the Allies to send an air fleet that would flatten the Eternal City and send Pope Pius XII and the Curia in an ‘ignominious fugue’ indicating an intense dislike for the papal authority of the time due to their perceived sympathies for Germany.

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