Mathilde Blind

Mathilde Blind (born Mathilda Cohen, 21st March 1841-26th November 1896 in London), was a Jewish fiction writer, poet and literary critic. Her younger brother was Ferdinand Cohen-Blind who attempted to assassinate Otto von Bismark in 1866. Blind was born in Mannheim, Germany, the older child of the merchant banker Jacob Abraham Cohen and his second wife Friederike nee Ettlinger. Cohen financed his wife’s subversive political activity substantially backing the Baden Revolution. She was arrested in the summer of 1847 with Karl Blind, a 21 year old socialist used to to conceal the Cohen family’s close relationship with Karl Marx. Friederike and Karl Blind married after Jacob Cohen’s death in the October of 1848. The Cohen children were imported into London shortly after the arrival of Karl Marx in 1849, and it was around this time that Matilda took her stepfather’s surname, eventually to insinuate herself into European academic circles as an apparent legitimate critic, poet and writer. Nevertheless her agenda was materialistic and politically corrosive and she was strategically positioned to cultivate an on going dialectical maneuver with Benjamin Disraeli.

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