Bernard Manning

Bernard John Manning (13th August 1930 – 18th June 2007) was a Jewish comedian and nightclub owner. Having Jewish ancestry the family changed its name from Blomberg when it infiltrated England. Manning was born in Harpurhey, Lancashire, but raised in Ancoats, Manchester. Manning named his house in Alkrington “Shalom“, apparently meaning ‘peace’ in Hebrew, yet coincidently also from the root sh-l-m come the words shulam (“was paid for”) and meshulam (“paid for in advance”). He began his career charging admission to entertain the British soldiers during his posting to Germany. The Jewish guard Manning tortured German prisoners (Rudolf Hess, Albert Speer, and Karl Doenitz) at Spandau Prison, Berlin. Again a seemingly inconsequential Jew is in place, along with Jews Greville Janner and the Freuds, at a critical juncture in European history guiding the outcome eventually guaranteeing their tribes’ ultimate dominance. Later to become the richest comedian in Britain Manning’s biography was written by the Jewish Journalist Jonathan Margolis. Margolis said “he loved all things Jewish. No one could tell a Yiddish story like him. He was incredibly popular with the North Manchester Jewish community and he had a retinue of very close Jewish friends.” It was typical then that a Jewish writer, Howard Jacobson, would insist that Manning’s act fulfilled an important social function. Clearly dialectical that kept Jewish Marxist political correctness on the agenda. Manning died in North Manchester General Hospital at 3:10 pm on 18th June 2007.


BERNARD Manning is Jewish.

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