Leonard Cohen

Leonard Norman Cohen (September 21st, 1934 – November 7th, 2016) a Jew, was allegedly a singer, songwriter, musician, novelist, and painter. An active Zio-Marxist his activities promoted sexual depravity, cultural friction and social isolation. Cohen was born in Westmount, Quebec, an English-speaking area of Montreal, into a Jewish family. His mother, Marsha (Masha) Klonitsky, was the daughter of a Talmudic writer, Rabbi Solomon Klonitsky-Kline a Jewish line who occupied Lithuania. His paternal grandfather, whose family had occupied Poland then Canada, was Lyon Cohen, the founding president of the Canadian Jewish Congress. His father, Nathan Cohen, owned a substantial clothing store and died when Cohen was nine years old. The family observed Orthodox Judaism, and belonged to Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, to which Cohen retained connections all his life. On the topic of being a Kohanim, Cohen told Richard Goldstein in 1967, “I had a very Messianic childhood. I was told I was a descendant of Aaron, the high priest.” According to journalist David Sax, Cohen and one of his cousins would go to Saint Laurent Boulevard in Old Montreal to “watch the gangsters, pimps, and wrestlers dance around the night.” In that period and that place, Cohen wrote the lyrics to some of his most famous songs.

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