Uri Geller

AZL flag holder TransparentUri Geller (born 20 December 1946) is a Jewish armature stage magician who claims to possess supernatural powers. Geller was born in Jewish occupied Palestine, to Jewish parents Itzhaak Geller (Gellér Izsákand Manzy Freud (Freud Manci). It is claimed that Geller is a distant relative of Sigmund Freud on his mother’s side. At the age of 18 Geller served in the Israeli Army’s Paratroopers Brigade during the 1967 Six-Day War. During 1968 and 1969 he began to perform for small audiences as a nightclub entertainer becoming well-known in Israel. In 1975, Geller published his first autobiography, My Story, and acknowledged that, in his early career, his manager encouraged him to add a magic trick to his performances. This trick involved Geller appearing to guess audience members’ license plate numbers, when in fact his manager had given them to him ahead of time. Geller is president of International Friends of Magen David Adom, a group that lobbied the International Committee of the Red Cross to recognise Magen David Adom (“Red Star of David”) as a humanitarian relief organisation even though it specialises in Jewish welfare.  A self-confessed Mossad agent the proof of which has been exposed by declassified documents Geller is close greville-janner-with-uri-geller-copyfriends with Jewish child rapist Greville Janner. Like Savile the BBC provided Geller with a rather unique cover. Presenting him as an eccentric crank not to be taken seriously with talents as equally limited as Savile, Geller had the uncanny ability to move round freely in powerful circles. Nevertheless, following the police search of Janner’s Westminster offices in March 2014 Geller revealed that he was quitting his mansion of 34 years in the UK for a small apartment in Jewish occupied Palestine. One cannot help but view this sudden move in connection with Janner, Savile and the intensive paedophile investigations it has uncovered.

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