Moritz Steinschneider

Moritz Steinschneider (30th March 1816 – 24th January 1907) was a Jewish bibliographer most infamous for inventing the phrase anti-Semite. Indeed while Leopold Zunz invented the concept of ‘Jewish Studies’ it was Steinschneider who inserted the Jews into the general history of Caucasian civilization. He received his early instruction in Hebrew from his father, Jacob Steinschneider (b. 1782; d. March 1856) and at the age of thirteen he became the pupil of Rabbi Nahum Trebitsch. By 1838 Steinschneider was a member of a proto-Zionist society called “Die Einheit” along with Rabbi Albert Lowry and Jew Abraham Benisch. Rabbi Lowry would infiltrate London under the guise of an ‘emissary’ of the Students’ Jewish National Society in 1841 with the Jew Benisch arriving in England shortly after. With ‘Semitic’ based on the ideological construct of race invented by the Gottingen School of History, in 1860 Steinschneider fabricated the word antisemitisch politicizing the term ‘Semite’ in order that it be a weapon that would shut down Caucasoid debate. Comparable to this is the current use of the term ‘Racism’ invented by Trotsky.

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