False Flag

AZL flag holder TransparentThe “False Flag” is a Jewish dialectical manoeuvre used to distract and conceal for the purposes of furthering Jewish interests. Though there have been many the most infamous Missing Links‘False Flag’ of recent years was 9/11. Jewish Israel’s Mossad targeted the Twin Towers in New York. Yet this notorious event has been blamed on ‘Islamic terrorism’ distracting the public from the enemy within the American Government who immediately initiated choking security powers on American citizens under the concealment of a ‘war on terror’ also using this as an excuse to steal White America’s guns. Meanwhile, the ethnic European is duped into killing the Jews enemy in the Middle East. Similarly post WWII once the neonaziSwastika had been suitably demonised the Jewish Bolshevised Stasi manufactured Jewish hatred in the form of “Neo-Nazi” groups with the purpose of discrediting the West. JEWISH CHUTZPAHIt also ordered campaigns in which cemeteries and other Jewish sites in West Germany were smeared with swastikas. In a much more limited sense this reflects the Jew daubing the Swastika on his own property for the public outcry.
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