Pronounced lok’ sizm from the Definithing: defining anything dictionary
(1) the belief that Jews are superior in human character or ability to non-Jews.
(2) discrimination, prejudice, and hate expressed by Jews against non-Jews.
The term is a construct to defeat a construct (Racism). Its formation only exists in response to the threat of the Jew who has written itself into native peoples history. Just as the pseudo-scientific expression ‘Racism’ is a deflective term meant to place the enemy on the defence removing the possibility of constructive debate, ‘Loxism’ reflects the attack back against its originator (ie the Jew). While the initial accusation is meant to function as the term ‘Racism’ does for specifically the Caucasoid race; putting them on the defensive and initially this could be the case. However, in the long term there is little substance and the ‘achievement’ is a rather contrived shouting match. Consequently, an initial accusation may be useful but there will be NO short cuts for solid argument since it is here were the Jew, with all his Zio-Marxist tools falls short.

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