George Seldes

AZL flag holder TransparentGeorge Seldes (November 16, 1890 — July 2, 1995) was a Jewish investigative journalist and media critic. In an interview Paul von Hindenberg, the supreme commander of the German Army, commented on the defeat of Germany in the war, including U.S. involvement. This interview was censored by the U. S. military. The arrogant Seldes would later comment that the publishing of this interview could have avoided the rise of National Socialism and, thus, World War II-hardly likely unless the interview prevented Jewish intrusion into world affairs. Sent to Italy to investigate the rise of fascism Seldes article implicated Mussolini in the killing of Giacomo Matteotti, the head of the Italian Socialist Party. Yet earlier in 1922 Seldes interviewed the Jewish Bolshevik mass murderer of ethnic Europeans Lenin and his subsequent article dripped with praise clearly exposing his favouritism.

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