Melanie Phillips

AZL flag holder TransparentMelanie Phillips (born 4 June 1951) is a journalist, author and publisher. Phillips’ family is Jewish, and immigrated to the U.K. from Poland and Russia. Phillips’ is of the firm belief that Israel is being ‘demonised’. “If Israel were to leave the West Bank, it would turn Islamist overnight and become an Iranian proxy on Israel’s doorstep.” Consequently she will not “support a state of Palestine.” Ironic given that the land in question belongs to the Palestinians. Staunchly critical of Iran she has written and spoken frequently about the threat that the country poses to the ‘West’. Yet it is clear in her speeches that her alarm is not for Europe or America but a protracted ‘fear’ for her Jewish tribe. This is merely a reiteration of the cry persecution from a tribe never tormented only exposed for its crimes. Phillips is a quintessential example of Mossad positioning its Sayan (helpers, assistants). Her influence is effectively pushing Britain into war with Iran, thereby canceling out another of Israel’s Middle Eastern ‘enemies’.
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