Walter Lippmann

AZL flag holder TransparentWalter Lippmann (September 23rd, 1889 – December 14th, 1974) Jewish journalist, media critic and amateur philosopher who was the first to introduce the concept of Cold War. He also coin the term “stereotype” defining it as a “distorted picture or image in a person’s mind” with the clear intent to undermine any accurate descriptive term applied collectively to his tribe. Lippmann was born in New York City, to Jacob and Daisy Baum Lippmann a Jewish family born in Germany. Lippmann was a member of the New York Socialist Party. His interpretation of Journalism is as the middleman interpreting the decisions of the elite.  Critically Lippmann’s ‘elites’ are not European elites thus like the contents of the Talmud; their real decisions must be concealed from the European public. Therefore, what Lippmann proposes is a distortion of reality and it is this corruption that the public are called to vote on. Indeed in 1920 Lippmann produced a project in which he argued that the New York Times cited events that did not happen and atrocities that never took place. Entitled ‘A Test of the News’ this is a typical Jewish propaganda strategy used to gain favour or sympathy for their own tribe in this case the Bolsheviks.

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