A Test of the News

AZL flag holder TransparentA Test of the News was a 1920 project performed by Walter Lippmann, a Jewish journalist, in which he twisted press coverage of the Bolshevik seizure of Russia for a The Jews Who Murdered Tsar Nicholas IIthree-year period beginning with the overthrow of European monarch Nicolas II in February 1917. Lippmann used the New York Times as his source which may seem ironic given that this paper had been owned by the Jew Adolph Ochs since 1896. The project emerged as a forty two page supplement to the New Republic in August 1920 and argued that the Times’ coverage was neither unbiased nor accurate but indicated that the paper cited events that did not happen and atrocities that never took place. This is a typical Jewish propaganda strategy used to gain favour or sympathy for their own tribe in this case the Bolsheviks.

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