AZL flag holder TransparentBolshevik broadcasting CORRUPTIONInitially incorporated as the British Broadcasting Corporation in June 1920 it was granted a royal charter in 1927 to educate the British Nation but the BBC soon sold out to corrupt international Jewish Marxist interests. Confirmed HomosexualKGB spy and member of the Cambridge spy ring Guy Burgess worked for the BBC as a radio producer for two spells between 1936 and 1944 laying the groundwork for the BBC’s sexually perverse agenda. The BBC have since employed many homosexuals and increasing amounts of its BBC DJ Paul Gambaccini admits Jimmy Savile was a necrophiliacpersonalities are exposed as paedophiles setting the scene for the current child rape scandal. The global Jewish media agenda was revealed on 12th February 1950 when The European Broadcasting Union was formed. As of 2014, the organisation comprises 72 Active ‘Members’ in 56 countries, and 37 Associate ‘Members’ from a further 22 countries. Presented as ‘unrelated’ to the Jewish construct called the European Union (EU) members of the EBU are government-owned public service broadcasters or privately owned TV and radio stations with public service missions disseminating Jewish propaganda. When in 2013 Greece independently decided to shut down the state broadcaster The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) it was overturned within a year and as of 4th May 2014, the New Hellenic Radio, Internet and Television (NERIT) broadcaster started nation wide transmissions, and overtook ERT’s vacant Active Membership slot in EBU. This stands testament to the Jewish control of the media. In keeping with this Jewish agenda in April 2013, Danny Cohen like Bela Kun a member of the Kohanim was appointed Director of BBC Television. He openly advocates the eradication of ethnic Europeans from their ancestral homeland and in 2014 stated that ‘If we have five people on a panel show, it shouldn’t be five white men.’ Cohen also countenanced a Jim’ll Fix It tribute program despite it being known within the BBC about Saviles “dark side”Furthermore, in February 2014 “the BBC has crossed a new threshold in its pro-Israel propaganda” with the appointment of Jewish journalist Anthony Reuben. Former intern at terrorist Israel’s Jerusalem Post Reuben enacts the most blatant perversion of statistics.
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