Anthony Reuben

AZL flag holder TransparentBolshevik broadcasting CORRUPTIONAnthony Reuben is a Jewish Journalist and the BBC’s current head of Statistics who was maneuvered into this post in February 2014.  According to Reuben’s Linkedin business profile, his position as “head of statistics” was created especially for him by the “BBC Innovation Fund to be a champion of statistical robustness across BBC News.” With the appointment of Reuben “the BBC has crossed a new threshold in its pro-Israel propaganda” as the Jewish reporter enacts the most blatant perversion of statistics.  Prior to taking over this key position, Reuben was a senior personal finance reporter at The Money Channel, a program editor at Reuters Television, Business producer at Sky News, Output editor at Financial Times Television—and did his internship at the Jerusalem Post in Jewish terrorist Israel.

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