Eli Roth

AZL flag holder TransparentEli Raphael Roth (born April 18, 1972) is a Jewish film director, producer, writer and actor. He is best known for directing the sado-sadistic horror film Hostel and its sequel, Hostel: Part II and staring as a ‘Basterd’ in the anti-German Jewish terrorist movie Inglourious Basterds. The prominent themes that occur in material in which Roth plays an essential part are invariably profoundly sickening violence with Freudian psych-sexual over-tones. Like many of his Frankfurt School tribal brethren it would appear that the nature of the material he is involved in seeks not to imitate life but to function as its teacher-‘Life imitates art’ or the depraved Jewish interpretation of ‘art’. The hideous consequence is that the masses of Jewish Hollywood aficionados begin to accept the world presented to them on screen and not the European world as it should be.

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